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The US Failed to prepare
Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2001

( Akinkawon ) For all who were not aware that America is more vulnerable than any other country in the world, the pictures tell a new story.

It is one thing to sympathize with the sufferings of some Americans but it is another thing to forget that America joined other nations in refusing to offer an unqualified apology for slavery. The American elites refuse to discuss reparations and they dictated the terms of the Racism conference.

It is not simply a case of being sorry for Blacks and others who were victims of the carnage but it is important to remember that in all struggles, even in the struggle for enlightenment, many people including Africans remain indifferent. Indifference is an enemy of us all.

While some of us speak in urgency about raising awareness and utilizing history to understand how the forces of nature work, others condemn such efforts and want us to focus on the illusion of now without deep reflection and attempts to correct past injustices.

Well as we see, while some of us are patient and tolerant, others act as the counter balance to that patience. Justice does not wait on mortals. It operates in the balance in nature between the enlightened and unenlightened, giving room for the enlightened to regroup and prepare for the new era while sending the unenlightened into heightened states of fear.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for those who felt we could get along without examining the past. The sins are here with us to be addressed.

Are those who did the damage innocent? No they are not. Is America innocent? No. Who but the dead should bury the dead?

I empathize with those who did not have access to a proper version of the history of the sufferings America caused many nations. I empathize with those who were not aware that there is a better version of World History, with which to evaluate their lives and make better alliances. But for those with the 'America first' Identity, they are the enemies of enlightenment as their arrogance of holding on to the illusion of an American (military brutal, and greedy) identity blinds them from their true identity. An American or an other identity that is not of our deep common bonds are all illusions and would leave people with false loyalties and totally unprepared to interpret the tides as they swell.

The Arabs are no better as they direct the world's attention to conflicts in Israel and Palestine; they are blinding many to Slavery in many Islamic nations like Sudan and Mauritania.

Now that Americans realize they are vulnerable like all other nations it is a good time for people to re-evaluate their identities and try to understand that our Identities must be shaped from and by our deepest common bonds.

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