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Why Trust Arabs: Who clouds priorities
Posted: Thursday, September 20, 2001

( Sam Burnham ) It disturbs me to know that we are not carefull enough in what we say and know concerning the recent and indescriminant attaks by evil people in New York. Some of us seem to think this attack has created some positive has not. Some think America is the first Nation to rush to eveyone's aid... this is only true under very, very, very, selfish circumstances! Some are trying to rationalize the killing of innocent people and equate it to the struggle of black freedom fighters have nothing in common with these devils, neither would true freedom fighters of any ethnicity. Black people..Where are our priorities???

First of all, we all know Amerikkka has no love for us black folk and really don't care to much for other "minorities" either. However, we should NOT identify with the "Arab world" just because they have been oppressed! Keep in mind that the Eastern Slave trade was the Catalyst for the Transatlantic Slave trade. The Eastern slave trade, for those who don't know, involved "white" Arabs, "white Asians", and Caste System loving people from India who were...and less racists and anti-black/African than European whites. As our brothers and sisters in Sudan and Mauratania fight against extinction and Arabanization from black sellouts and downright racist Arabs, we identify with people in "Palistine" who have yet to identify with our struggle collectively. Many people who are being oppressed now by Euoropeans were oppressing us prior to that time! where are our priorities. I'm sure I'll recieve the usual attacks and accusations of being "anti-Islamic" or "the Arabs were black" (actually the black original black folk in the Arabian Penensula were Sabeans...and never considered themselves Arabs), etc.

Some will even say that the modern Arab slave trade is a "Jewish Conspiracy" even though Chancellor Williams and Moctar Teyeb (A Pan-Africanst and ex-Mauratanian slave respectively)have been spreading the word in the 70's and 80's, none of them relying on info from "Jewish" folk! But that's not the point. Are we sincere in our struggle to be free, or just identifying with eveyone else? Just because others hate America and are willing to destroy US along with THEM (Euro-Americans), is this a reason to rationalize or justify the recent murder of innocent bystanders? I think not. Furthermore, many of these folk were black! should the murder of our black brothers and sisters be brushed off as "casualties of war"? No! A true warrior would not target civilians...these devils did! This was a massacar, not a war on America.

Second...yes...America helped create the anti-American sentiment that led to these attacks. However, a true freedom fighter would not sacrifice the lives of innocents just to kill a handfull of people who perhaps did deserve death. As far as the America helping everyone out thing, we ought to know "The Art of War", when we see it. The fact Euro-America sends more "aid" to nations and people who don't need it in one month than they do to "third world" nations and "relief efforts" in an entire year! Hhhhhmmmm!

We must remember that Euro-America is running the show here in America and will always put Euro-Americans, Europeans, and other whites above black folk whenever and where ever possible. Furthermore, most of the aid America "rushes" to give other nations, or domestics "in need' have constrictions designed to economically oppress, not help, the intended recipiants. In some areas, America covertly supports dictators and publicly "rush" to the aid of the dictator's vicitims. This is excellent for creating the false image of a "kinder gentler nation" that George Bush Sr talked about. Under this false image, America can destabalize nations, thus destabalizing their economies, thus compelling them to ask the U.S., IMF, World Bank, for aid.

Since America has a strong economic stake in the IMF and World Bank, this is an excellent form of covert ECONOMIC WARFARE on "third world" nations. Hhhmmm! Examples of this can be found in the "history" of El Salvador, Haiti, and...Afghanistan! The U.S. used the Taliban to push out the Russians in during the "cold war". Now their enemies. Hhhmmm! During the Iran-Contra Scandal, for example, the U.S. used Drug Money to help finance the Contra's in Nicaragua. This drug money was derived largely from black and Latino neigborhoods...with the full knowledge of high ranking members of the CIA, FBI, police departments, white businessmen in suits,etc. When the scandal began to unfold, America did not rush to our aid! They accused black folk of "being paranoid" or "blaming white Americans for eveything".

No, America rushes to help itself, while doing just enough for PR purposes! As far as American individuals giving Aid to others, we must realize that America is economically among the richest nations in the world. Thus those with humanity in their hearts will give what they can. Since America, Britian, France, etc economically oppress other nations and steal their is NOT suprising why no one is "rushing" to help us...they collectively are not able!

Should we get those responsible for the recent events in New York. Of course! However, going to war against an entire country when we have the resources to find and destroy those responsible is immoral, politically motivated, and likely to start a U.S. verses Arab war. The escalation in terrorist attacks would soon follow. Therefore, we should understand why one person in congress was wise enough not to vote for war. She already voted for Bush's plan to "hunt down" the terrorist. If we truly want justice...not revenge...then we will only "war" against those responsible. Terrorist don't claim any nationalism to any country, so why should we make Any nation a scapegoat? Isreali Commando's ventured into various nations, even as far as Brazil, to "kidnap" Nazi war criminals and bring them to justice. This happened in the 50's and 60's via Isreali's that bought U.S. technology and training! Since they got it from America, there is no excuse why America can't use these same principals...which are much improve from
the 60' hunt down the devils responsible...without starting a war!

We need to be about keeping our issues as a top priority. Nothing good will come out of the recent attacks...especially for blacks. Now the U.S. government, supported by thousands of "grieving" whites, are trying to make racial profiling legal! We should not get caught up in the "patriotism", "pull together America" slogans, etc. Neither should we buy the fantasy world that eveyone oppressed by Euro-America is down with us. They are not.

We need to be about black people and their "need to know" what is affecting them and how.


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