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Racism, Murder and Lies in Rwanda
Posted: Thursday, January 10, 2002

by Christopher Black [6 September 2001], Emperors Clothes

Last weekend a world conference on racism took place in Durban, South Africa at the request of the General Assembly of the United Nations. The following demonstrates that even those who set up this conference are guilty of racism.

On the 22nd of August a letter was sent to Adama Dieng, the Registrar of the UN's International Criminal Tribunal For Rwanda (ICTR), the sister tribunal to the one in the Hague. The ICTR sits at Arusha, Tanzania.

Voice of the Forgotten

The letter was written by the prisoners at the ICTR, every one a Hutu, in the name of common humanity and the moral well-being of men and women presumed to be innocent and in the name of equality of treatment and common justice.

Following this introductory note is a translation of that letter from the original French.

The letter demonstrates clearly the racism that drives the lies and propaganda against the Hutus, condemned as "genocidaires," and whose only crime was to defend their small country against a foreign invasion by Tutsis from outside Rwanda with the backing of the United States, Britain, Belgium, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the United Nations itself.

This invasion had the objective of restoring the tyranny of minority Tutsi rule while reducing the majority Hutu people to serfdom and a life of terror and that was supported by the great powers in order to take control of all of central Africa and its vast and incalculable resources.

The propaganda against the Hutus is racist to the core and is generated by the Tutsi claim to be a superior race, more white than the "primitive" Hutus, a Bantu people, and it fits nicely with the racist attitudes of the Americans, British and Belgians who took part in the invasion and helped murder the Presidents of both Rwanda and Burundi on April 6, 1994.

Rwanda and Yugoslavia: Eery Similarities

It is time the world woke up to the truth about the war in central Africa and the events of April through July of 1994. These events parallel the attacks on Yugoslavia and the accusations of genocide against the Serbs and other Slavs. Moreover, these events had the same objectives, used the same strategies and tactics and were planned and controlled by the same Great Powers. Their lust for control of the world knows no bounds. They are willing to murder millions so they can make billions.

One of the greatest tragedies in the world since the Nazi attempt to exterminate the Jews took place in Rwanda in 1994.

In the West we are told that this tragedy involved genocide by Hutus against Tutsis and that the U.S. and other Western powers sinned by failing to intervene. Many people, including some on the Left, denounced the supposed Western failure to intervene, arguing that it demonstrates indifference to the suffering of Black Africans.

The Truth Turned Upside Down

Those of us who have defended Hutu leaders before the ICTR have accumulated massive evidence that paints an entirely different picture.

The violence started with a series of raids against Hutus in Rwanda, conducted by the so-called Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), a U.S.-sponsored, Tutsi paramilitary organization. These raids occurred during the period 1990-1993. The raids were repelled; even so, they gave the RPF valuable information about the government's capacity to defend Rwanda. Based on this information, the U.S.-backed forces successfully invaded northern Rwanda in 1993, driving a million people from their homes. This massive campaign of terror, directed against civilians, is never mentioned in the Western media.

The second stage of violence was launched on April 6, 1994. At that time, the invading Tutsi RPF shot down the airplane carrying the Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi, both Hutus. The main victims of the widespread fighting that followed were Hutus and moderate Tutsis.

The western-backed Tutsi invaders of Rwanda murdered between one and a half and two million Hutus in the four months between April 6 and July 4, 1994 and have murdered more than two million more since then by attacking Hutu refugees in the Congo.

It is a tragedy made more macabre by the Tutsi claim that their Hutu victims were really Tutsis, a claim they use to justify their dictatorial stranglehold on the people of that beautiful country by portraying themselves as the victims. This macabre reversal of the truth is supported by various intellectuals, NGOs and western governments who easily fall into the racist trap of believing the lies of the Tutsi regime in Rwanda, and the lies of the Americans who, while actively involved in the murder of millions, claim to have had no involvement and to add insult to injury, 'admit' the lie that they were negligent in not taking steps to stop the war and the killing when in fact they were the sponsors.

This is the letter from the prisoners of Washington's International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda:

Letter to the ICTR

"Mr. Adama Djeng
Registrar, ICTR
Arusha, Tanzania

Object: Facilitation of family visits to the detainees.

We would like to call to your attention our request made on several occasions that the Registrar of the ICTR facilitate the visits of the families of the detainees in the UN Detention Facility. On May 26, 1999 in a meeting with your predecessor, Mr. Okali, we made the request to facilitate such visits and to reduce the formalities and permit meetings between the families in complete privacy and intimacy. By our letter of March 27, 2000 we asked that a suitable location be designated for such visits taking into consideration the social dimension, and the human dignity of the visitors and their moral well being.

In her report presented to the 55th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, the president of the Tribunal affirmed in paragraph 101, f of the report that "The construction of a room for the members of the families making visits to the detainees is on the way to completion: One whole year has passed since then and we still have not seen even the foundation laid. We beg you to take steps to commence this project announced by the President of the Tribunal before the General Assembly.

However, our principal preoccupation is not only with respect to the location of such visits, but more with respect to the principle of family visits. While at The Hague the detainees of the United Nations receive assistance permitting their families to visit and facilities are provided for that purpose, nothing has been done to the present time to provide the benefit of the same facilities to the detainees of the United Nations here in Arusha, a deficiency that can only be called discriminatory.

The members of our families are dispersed throughout the world. Some still have not received even the protection of the High Commission for Refugees, which continues to refuse to recognize them as refugees. We feel that the Registrar of the ICTR should assist the detainees to be in contact with their families especially if one takes into account that certain prisoners have spent 5 years in prison in Arusha without the benefit of one visit. It is in this context that the request is made to arrange assistance for the expenses of the trip and stay in Arusha and for periodic visits with a view to allowing the detainees to remain in contact with their families.

For those family members who don't have travel documents we feel that the Registrar could make arrangements with their countries of residence, the Tanzanian authorities and the transportation companies.

We believe finally that this question of the visits of family be made the object of a written regulation, especially for the detainees already condemned and who could be transferred to other places of detention.

In the hope for a rapid and favourable response, we ask you to accept the assurance of our highest consideration.

Cc - Kofi Anan, Secretary-General of the United Nations at New York, The President of the ICTR, Arusha, Tanzania
All defense counsel
International Red Cross International Observer of Prisons,
40 rue de Hauteville,

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