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Return to African Religion
Posted: Thursday, August 22, 2002

by Pianke Nubiyang

First of all, the text in the Bible, which was written by the Hebrews when they were in Babylon, clearly led the way for the enslavement of Blacks.

The Hebrews were envious of the Black people of Egypt. It is believed that the Hebrews entered Egypt with the Hyksos and were among a number of Semitic peoples who ravaged the nation. Ahmose 1 led a rebellion and drove out he Hyksos three hundred years after they invaded (Hyksos invasion about 1694 - 1600 B.C. After the Hyksos were overthrown, their people were held in slavery in Egypt. The Jews were among them. Around 1100 B.C. (Merneptah or Rameses was Pharaoh), the Hebrews were released.

During the time in Egypt, the Hebrews or Hyksos occupiers ravaged the Egyptians, committed all types of atrocities. The Egyptians took revenge after they freed themselves from the Hyksos and enslaved the Hyksos and related groups associated with them.

After the Hebrews were freed, they began writing some of the texts of what became the Bible; however, many of the stories were ancient Egyptian, Babylonian and other cultures stories. The "creation" story and Genesis was actually first written by an Egyptian. However, due to the hatred that the Hebrews had for the Egyptians, the Hebrews included many stories that demonized the character of Blacks in general... many being outright lies and mythology. From these writings, the entire basis of Western Religious writings and beliefs were formed.

That is the main reason for racism today. It is rooted in Religion as Dr. F.K. Price plainly pointed out in "Race and Religion," (Chrenshaw Christian Center, Los Angeles, Ca).

So, as long as Africans follow foreign Semitic Religions, the Semites and Jepethites (Whites) as well as the Brown "Aryans" of India whose system of caste is rooted in ancient conquest, they will continue to oppress Black people.


Black folk will do better when we return to the religions that God gave us and when we keep the covenant of recognition of the Sun, Nature and the Divine word "N-G-R" (pronounced "en-ger"). As long as Egypt, Nubia, Ghana, Wagadu, Nok, Abbysinia (today's Ethiopia) and ancient India retained their original religions, they prospered and no invader conquered their lands. As soon as they began to kneel in front of the statues of other people as "God," they began to loose confidence in themselves...they began to see others as superior, letting them enter their lands, thinking their goods were better, trusting them...all hell broke loose after that.


At present, when I see tall, majestic Black brothers and sisters of the Dinka, Nuba and other Africans being wiped out, their villages burned, their woman ravaged, I would be a fool to think that being in the religions of the people doing it will make them stop. What about the thousands of Africans of the same religion who are being enslaved in Sudan and Mauritania? What about our ancestors, many who were of the same religions?

Those who are spreading their religions on gullible Africans are interested in building an empire at the expense of Africans and their lands and resources. They don't care one bit about the Black race, because Blacks in their lands are treated just as slaves are (find out for yourself)

So where does that leave the Black race, following religions that continue to believe we should be their slaves?

What we should do is return to our ancient religions, refine and reform them, remove bad practices, build temples, write the sacred lore, write the prayers, legends and so on, mark an recognize the sacred sites and days.

Look, no other group is more spiritual than the Dogon. These are people who perform a scientific religion. No one is more religious than the Vadu of Benin and the Dahomey area of West Africa or the Yorubas, the South African Shamans, the Pacomanias of Jamaica, the Shango of Trinidad, the Yorubas of Cuba, Mexico, Brazil...Instead of allowing trickster "missionaries" to fool us into rejecting our scientific Religions, we should work to consolidate all of them and start developing systems of "churches" temples and places of worship, a priesthood, lore, religious rituals and finding ways to save them and pass them down.

Religion is part of the SOUL of a people. If we decide to become or adopt the religions, names, clothing styles, language and habits of other people, then we become slaves and copies of THEM, and we loose OUR "SOUL."

When we worship and praise the way we had done before our culture was destroyed, that is when we will rediscover our potential and our power. Believe it.


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