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The Roots Of The Sudan Problem
Posted: Monday, December 9, 2002

P. Barton
California, U.S.A.

The conflict is Sudan is an example of what can happen to Western Nations and others when religious imperialism joined with a racist and envious and chauvinist mentality and agenda is applied. Sudan also known as the ancient civilization of Nubia-Kush was the world's first civilization and according to present evidence, Sudan's civilization is about 3000 years older than the first Egyptian Dynasties. In fact, Egypt's Dynasties came from Sudan (known as "Ethiopia" by the ancient Greeks). Ancient Greek writers such as Herodotus and Diodorus mention this fact in their writings.

The very first example of the relentless application of war, terror and slave raiding to destabilize a great kingdom happened in Sudan (Nubia Kush) after the invasion of Egypt by the Semites during the 600's A.D. Yet, the Africans of Sudan from Emperor Kalydosos (600's A.D.) to the Funj (1500's A.D.) fought to keep their lands free of Semitic influence and defeated numerous Arab armies for 800 years.

Today's Nuba, Nubians, Dinka and a few groups in West and Central Africa are related to these ancient Cushites who migrated after the Arabs began slave raiding into Sudan during the 700's A.D. and to this very date, December 7, 2002 (see the book, "Destruction of Black Civilization," by Chancellor Williams, Third World Press, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.)


Attacks on Africans in Sudan, Mauritania and West Africa, Kenya and elsewhere is causing a festering of anger in the U.S. as well as the rest of the Americas and the African Diaspora. One African commentator pointed out that the Semitic "welcome," in Africa is wearing thin. To many Africans, Sudan and Ethiopia have been Christian nations since before the 300's A.D. and the continued attacks on Africans of the Nubian Churches or modern Christianity in Sudan is an insult to Africans whether they are Christians or not.

In the opinion of many African Spiritualists (Animists) and Christians around the world, it is a matter of African religious, cultural and traditional rights and heritage. This lack of respect for Africans' culture, religion and heritage is one of the reasons for the rapid rise of Semitic slavery into Africa during the 700's A.D. In fact, one of the bloodiest and most devastating slave rebellions on the Semitic slave lands, took place in Baghdad during the 800's A.D., according to Runoko Rashidi's writings.

There are about 300 million people of African origins in the Americas. Among these millions are people of prehistoric African-American origins belonging to tribes such as the Washitaw, Gwale, Black Californians, Jamassee, Califunami, Guanini, Black Caribs, Chuarras, Afro-Darienite and many others. These groups particularly the ancient Olmec (Mende-Shi) and the descendants of the present-day Washitaw Nation who owned one million square miles of the Louisiana Territories before it was illegally sold, are the original inhabitants of the Americas along with the Mongoloid American Indians.

Today, particularly in parts of Latin America, the plight of Blacks/Africans of both slavery era as well as prehistoric era origins is similar to that of the original African people of Sudan. Ancient evidence also shows some of these prehistoric African-Americas people to be directly connected to civilizations in West Africa and Sudan.


To begin this issue, both Arabs and Jews are Semites. Yet, over the past 40 years, those who follow the Arab/Isreali situation know very well that the terms "racist policies" is used in referring to the conditions there. The same reality applies to Sudan as well, where the only factor of division is an imposed Semitic religious imperialist and "colonial" culture on people who are both Black African Negroid by race and cultural heritage, (the term "negroid" applies to the Western Branch of the Black race, the other being the Negroid-Australoid of India and Australia)

There are many who continue to say that the situation of RACIST RELIGIOIUS IMPERIALISM in Sudan is a "local" problem. They don't seem to understand or fail to see that the people who began the genocide in Sudan, the rape of African women to create a "multiracial" "colored" population in the North, who are mislabeled "Arab" against the African law and tradition of tracing lineage on the Mother's side as well as the African father's side, race and group, were 'white" Semitic people from North Africa and the Middle East. These foreign races and peoples violated African women and the result was (and still is mixed children raised and trained to hate their African selves). These invaders have absolutely no claim to any children or child born of African women. That is the African law and it has been in effect long before Egyptian times.


In using the term "Semitic" the idea is to describe a cultural and ideological system more than a specific ethnic type. Hence it does not refer to any specific group but to their culture, religions and agenda. White Arabs are the first to point out that Sudanese are Black Africans, no matter how "mixed" a few from the North of Sudan may be. As far as the African concept of racial identification is concerned, one traces on both the mother and father's line, but an invader group of a different race who has children with an African woman has no rights to any children by that woman, nor does his child becomes part of his "race" or group. That child is African.

The Western Media and the religious imperialists continue to label Sudan "Arab" North and "Christian/Animist" South. Pan-Africans see Sudan as Nubia-Cush, under present foreign religious and cultural colonialism, no different from that of the British who were the last European colonial power in Sudan.

Sudanese in Northern Sudan who are of "Arab" fathers and African mothers are African and Negroid. They are not "Arabs," and that fact is known through the "white" Semitic, Arab world, where Black Sudanese are treated like "Abed," or "slaves," are seen as Black Africans and called as such in a racist manner. WHERE IS THE PRIDE OF THESE BLACKS? In Syria, where there are Black Sudanese, their treatment should convince them that as far as "white" Arabs are concerned, Sudanese are Black African, no matter how much Arab blood a few may have.


Sudanese are the original Cushites, descendants of a powerful Black African people who had civilizations and cultures from Sudan to Kenya and from Sudan in the center to South Arabia, India, Indo-China, South China in the East, around the Pacific to Olmec-Shi Mexico, to West Africa. In fact, many West Africans such as the Yoruba, Walof, Nago-Mina, Mandinka, Serer, Ashanti, Tiv, Songhai and others continue to have related tribes in parts of South Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, South Arabia and that region.

These related tribes continue to exist to this very day. In fact not only did the ancient Cushites migrate to West Africa in prehistoric and ancient times, they also migrated to the Americas and their languages, culture, plastic arts, alphabets and even sculpture with everything from cornrows and tribal scarification to the languages have been found in Mexico and other parts of the Americas (see the world-famous, "A History of the African-Olmecs," pub. by 1stBooks Library, 2595 Vernal Pike, Bloomington, Indiana 47404 U.S.A. also the writings of Cheikh Anta Diop, "The African Origins of Civilization, Myth or Reality," pub. by Lawrence Hill Press, Brooklyn, NY: See Also "A History of Racism and Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming")

The other groups of Blacks in the Americas came from the Yoruba, Ashanti, Mandinka, Tiv and other groups from West Africa. A large number came from the Congo-Angola region. The third group came from Eastern Congo, Sudan and Ethiopia. Hence, we here in the Americas can trace our ancestors to places like Juba in Sudan and Gondar in Ethiopia.


The anger and disgust by Africans in the Americas, whose great-grandparents were captured in places like Sudan and West Africa and who know about the situation in Sudan are angered to the maximum extent. In places like Brazil, with about 100 million people of African origins with at least 25 million being of Sudanese/Congo, Ethiopian/East African origins, the situation in Sudan is very close to the hearts. As for African-Americans and Blacks in parts of the Caribbean and Latin America the anger is even hotter.

People of African descent or Americas-Africans in the Americas and elsewhere see the situation in Sudan as one of Semitic religious and cultural racism and imperialism against the descendants of the very Africans who built ancient Egypt, Nubia-Kush and Mesopotamia, long before the Semites arrived on the scene about 2000 B.C. This knowledge of self among Blacks in the Americas is as strong as the Chinese and Black Dravidian knowledge of self and history. That knowledge must be paramount in the minds of all the INDIGENOUS AFRICAN PEOPLE OF SUDAN.

THEY ARE THE PEOPLE WHO OWNED AND DEVELOPED WORLD CIVILIZATION AND THE SEMITES (WHITE SEMITES) ARE INVADERS WHO BEGAN ARRIVING DURING THE 700'S AD, WITH THE INVASION OF EGYPT (please get this great book, "The Destruction of Black Civilization," by Chancellor Williams, published by Third World Press, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

The time has come for Africans in Sudan to return African traditional culture and religion to the region. One of the first aspects of culture that must be changed is the idea that a white Semite or any other Semitic invader from the Semitic lands can take an African woman, force children on her and call the children by some other race or group other than African Negroid.

The attempt by African leaders in Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Black Egyptians and Nubians in Egypt, Eritheria, Somalia to REORGANIZE THE ANCIENT CUSHITE CULTURAL REGION MUST COMMENCE. As long as Black Africans accept the imposition of a foreign religion and culture and reject their names, cultures, religions, history and legacy, then Africans will always be seen as "Abed," or slaves by the racist Semites. The fact that Black Sudanese refugees in places like Syria are treated with such disgust, or that the white Semites think Africans should be their slaves and continue to hold the racist mentality while going around preaching "brotherhood," is ENOUGH TO CONVINCE AFRICANS THAT AFRICAN UNITY AND AFRICAN CULTURE MUST REPLACE ANY FOREIGN CULTURE AND RELIGION THAT IS APPLYING A NEW FORM OF IMPERIALISM ON THE CONTINENT.

Religions of alien invader peoples in Africa should never be allowed to dominate and change the mentality and indigenous culture of Africans. If people in the Cushite region (Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Eritheria, and others) have forgotten their history, all they have to do is re-introduce the history of Nubia, Egypt, Kush and Punt back into the school programs. TEACH AFRICAN CHILDREN AND PEOPLE WHO THEY ARE AND THAT THEY ARE NOT "SLAVES" OR SEMITES OR EVEN OF "WHITE" SEMITE CULTURAL OR RACIAL ORIGINS. The fact is the Semites came from the Black root (see the works of John Wilson (Kenya East African Standard article), where he discovered that some "white" nations from the Middle East to the Scottish Highlands were originally Blacks who lived in the Karamojong region. The program "Eve" (about ancient human origins clearly discusses this). So Semites did not create Africans.

The oldest living example of the Semitic languages is Iraqwu, a language of East Africa. Some historians have pointed out that both Hebrew and Arabic, Aramaic and others are dialects of languages like ancient Egyptian. On the other hand, languages like those of West Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa are offshoots and exactly like ancient Egyptian spoken before the invasions of foreign people into Egypt. Nuer, Nuba, Galla, Wallof and many others are examples.

In retrospect, to those who don't understand why there has been a TERROR WAR against Africans for about 1400 years, it is essential that they study African history and how slavery by Semites in East Africa and Sudan began.

When groups of people or nations are threatened with absorption, genocide or religious and cultural overwhelming, as is the case of Blacks in Sudan today who are now victims and part of the Semitic imperialistic agenda, and are being used by the Semites to continue the further enslavement of Africans and taking of African lands and resources, IT IS THE DUTY OF THESE AFRICANS TO UNITE WITH THEIR BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO WANT TO MAINTAIN THEIR ORIGINAL RACIAL, CULTURAL AND RELIGIOUS HERITAGE AND IDENTITY.

As far as Blacks in the Americas, Africa, Europe, India, West Papua, Melanesia and world over are concerned, that is what Pan-Africanism is all about. It is the duty of Africans and others realize that when the 'isms of others are forcibly imposed on them, it is their duty to reply with a more effective 'ism that helps to counter the imperialist and religious imperialistic agenda of other people.

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