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The British in bid to divide Zimbabweans
Posted: Monday, December 9, 2002

By Darlington Muzeza

As was the case in the 1890s when the British used dubious tactics of dividing the Shona and the Ndebele, the same people, in cahoots with some local enemies to the State and President Robert Mugabe, are again in a desperate bid to fabricate ethnic differences to divide us.

As I went through a document purporting that the Shona would want to subdue the Ndebele through President Mugabe, I could only conclude that this is another example of the ongoing barbaric attempts to cause tribal and regional animosity between us, perpetrated by our enemies, whose objective is to denigrate the President and undermine the 1987 Unity Accord.

Are these political cowards claiming to be democratic so despondent that they have failed in their thinking, that they are prepared to continuously demonise their country and people’s hard- won independence, unity and solidarity?

It does not show vision on the part of these people who aspire to be leaders of this country. By trying to undermine unity, peace, tranquillity and co-existence that the two tribes have shown, they are betraying the country.

This tribal propaganda being peddled by the British intelligence and some local enemies of the State is merely a scapegoat to oppose the land reform in Zimbabwe.

The land that Zimbabweans have taken is not a Cde Mugabe issue, but a historical concern that should have been corrected long back, and the idea of taking it back now is not bad.

The economic plight of the blacks is, to a large extent, a function of colonialism as well as our domestic enemies in which some political upstarts interested in assuming power for personal aggrandisement have sabotaged our economy by calling for sanctions. They have also peddled hostile publicity to create an impression that Zimbabwe is not a safe destination for investment.

This has been done in opposition to the land issue that our detractors have personalised to mean a Cde Mugabe issue.

President Mugabe and his Government are right in correcting these colonial imbalances and had the President not done so, history was not going to spare him judgment over the matter.

The revolution would have been incomplete if the land question was not addressed and the purpose for having gone to war would have been rendered illusory.

Therefore, it is frivolous for some MDC members in cahoots with the British intelligence to use this trivial tribal issue, which, since 1987, has been buried.

To cause confusion, suspicion and insecurity among us as a tactic to derail the land reform shall never succeed.

May I remind our enemies that the land reform has proved to be unstoppable and it is not a political gimmick.

Those preaching the gospel of tribal chauvinism are not only detractors and enemies of the State but are obsessed with political parochialism.

Zimbabweans are an enlightened people. They discern illusions from reality and this cheap politicking is a sheer waste of time and resources. We are aware of and understand who our enemies are.

It should be borne in mind that both the Ndebele and the Shona suffered the same enslavement, oppression and suppression by the same people who want to see us divided.

Atrocities were committed in Mboroma, Nyadzonya and Chimoio.

Both the Ndebele and the Shona people perished in these brutalities committed by humanity against humanity with impunity. Surprisingly, these people have the audacity to tell the world that we are divided.

They divided us when they colonised our country and they want to repeat it.

Hatikanganwe zvazuro nehope sezvinoita vamwe vedu. Our relationship as one people is inexorable and is second to none.

Those propaganda statements are a direct insult intended to undermine our cherished 1987 Unity Accord forged by the late Father Zimbabwe, Dr Joshua Nkomo, and President Robert Mugabe, to facilitate the reconstruction of our country.

The lies being spread are a shame in the face of solidarity, unity and co-existence that we enjoy.

I urge all Zimbabweans to remain united against all odds of self-opinionated people who want us to be disunited.

Those championing such propaganda shall die as political nonentities because their objectives are not to build, but to destroy our country.

Their support is fast fizzling out because of lack of policies to rehabilitate our ailing economy.

Their utterances speak volumes about their confusion and lack of political wisdom to know that land is the economy. Their fabrication of facts is a desperate move by people who have run short of ideas.

Our detractors should appreciate that the Ndebele and the Shona are one people.

We achieved unity that our enemies never wanted or desired to see born. That unity should be guarded against those who threaten it.

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