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Colorblindness Is Racist
Posted: Sunday, April 13, 2003

Posted By: Pianke Nubiyang

The racists and their tricknology continue to amaze and gall those of us who are staunch Black nationalists and who believe in self-preservation and development of mind and self.

People who claim they are "color blind" are nothing but apathetic racists. They shut their eyes to racism and pretend it does not exist; yet, they are quick to call Blacks who respond to WHITE SPUREMACY AS "RACIST"

Listen, in Germany there were also "color blind" Germans who shut their eyes. During slavery and lynching in the U.S., many whites were also "color blind" and shut their eyes to the racist genocide, raping of Black women, lynching, burnings alive and all types of horrible, demonic racist atrocities that were committed against Blacks in their own lands.

The scum and dregs of Europe, starving for lack of potatoes and oppressed from British oppression had the edacity and nerve to come to the U.S. (New York during the Civil War...WATCH THE MOVIE "GANGS OF NEW YORK," and massacre over 10000 African-Americans because these starving Europeans did not want to fight in the Civil War.

If you think the Iraqis are rioting and looting today, during the latter part of the 1800's to the 1930's, looting, burning, lynching and destroying Black folk was a game to the racists. In fact, they used to have "Pic-nics" (pick a negro) where Black men and women were grabbed and lynched or burned alive.

As for today, the same "colorblind" racists who pretend that we are all "equal" continue to support cultural and racial genocide against Black people simply by the way they vote for racist nazi-like laws and schemes to destroy the Black family and pack Black males and females like animals in zoos.

Yes, we are Afro=centrists and we are proud. We are Black nationalists and there are Blacks in the South whose ancestors have been there for over ten thousand years (Waschitaw Nation, Jamassee, Gullah-Geechee, others) and they want and will have their independence so they don't have to see racists and deal with them.
Blacks are so fed up with these racist "colorblind" people that a poll held by a well-known publication asked "If racism continues in America, would you choose independence or living under more racism?? 98 percent of those polled out of thousands choose independence. Even when the question went to statehood and an all-Black nation free of the racist element, OVER 90 PERCENT WATED TOTAL BLACK NATIONHOOD.
Why is that? Well the reason is clear. The vast majority of Blacks see three types of whites of which two types are a threat to Black survival.

1. The hard-core racists including those who smile in your face and vote for Black destruction.
About 20 percent of settlers (people from Europe who settle the U.S.)

2. The outright in-your-face racists
About 10 percent

3. The "colorblind" racists who are about 65 percent.

4. The totally non-racists, about 5 percent

The largest group of racists is the color-blind whose racism is "blind" to Black people's oppression. They deny there is brutality, profiling, racism, economic degradation, ghettoization and all the racist, lucifite tricknology that is use to maintain racist societies.


IT WAS THESE APATHETIC RACISTS WHO SAT BACK WHILE TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WERE ELIMINATED IN EUROPE, CHINA, RUSSIA, RWANDA AND EVEN THE AMERICAS. Today, while genocide occurs in Sudan and West Papua these "colorblind" and apathetic folks are also blind to the situation. Yet, let Africans create an African Union and militarize, stop selling their strategic metals to the "colorblind" or let Africans organize all their scientists in Europe and elsewhere to create a formidable power block and ALL THE "COLOR BLINDNESS" AND APATHETIC MENTALITY WILL BE OVER.

Africa would suddenly be the new threat and everyone will be in their business.

Blacks have the right to be nationalistic, Afro-centrists, pro-Black, and those who don't like it, well too bad.

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