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Emancipation: Dead Men Talking
Posted: Tuesday, August 5, 2003

by Susan Edwards
Trinidad and Tobago

It is said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

But what of the minds that are not awake!

Another season of Emancipation lectures and radio programs began and the selection of topics to empower Africans is once again lucid, logical and legitimate. However, one cannot help but question the veracity of "Some" of those Vessels who conveyed messages of freedom.

Messages that says to us "There is no race", we should "Forget History" because we cannot change it. "Black people are their own worst enemies.". Invitation to "Eat a meal for about $300. while exchanging sentences and sentiments that never filters down to the grassroots. Hypocritical mockers who never merge, communicate or listen to the views of the ordinary citizens.

It was dreadfully disturbing to see watered down human elements of oppression decorated in sacred African garments shadowing our tribal vibrations when their hearts were not singing the same song. Ordinary people should develop their minds to a level of "Uncompromising Consciousness." Too often we feel honoured by what was programmed to appear dignified in our eyes. It is this counterfeit dignity that drains the true essence of our connection. Deliberate tools dressed to defeat the truth of our focus.

Spiritual rebirth must first begin with the mind. This would be evident by the conscious choices we make and the quality of respect we exchange with each other. Black people after struggling so hard for so long should leave no space in their brain for foolishness. The celebration of emancipation should be complimented with an understanding of the evolution of the human mind. Our people would do well to remember that the genius within cannot be motivated by foolishness.

We should be firm in our pursuits never contributing to ignorance or systems of oppression. Like a rock, you should be aware of those things that are put in place to manipulate your consciousness.

It is decidedly insulting to the blood of our ancestors when we take respect, honour and appreciation away from those who were... and those who are still the live wires of our struggle... and give it to certain vampires in section VIP. I long to see the day when we truly honour our common people in section VIP. What about the Drummers, Singers, and dancers from Laventille, Morvant, Belmont and Tobago. Some of the people honoured as VIP in our various celebrations and those we often patronize financially would not invite an ordinary African to eat with their dog. Why do we constantly honour those who never extend to us invitations to their functions? Ordinary Africans are never significantly important enough to be given a back seat.

African people must learn the importance of respecting each other with the same quality of respect we show to others. Less emphasis should be placed on paying tribute to the unconscious speeches of dead minds and more wisdom should be applied in showing appreciation to the many living sacrifices still among us.

As African people it is imperative that we pay close attention to who or what influences our decisions. In celebrating our liberation more honour should be given to the common people who kept the vision alive, without their participation our villages would be like graveyards. Dare us to discern the difference between illusion and reality in consecrating thanks to those who gave us their best.

The Emancipation Support Committee should solicit assistance to establish "African Gardens of Remembrance" in every County in Trinidad and Tobago. Where each Month every District would have the responsibility of honouring its citizens living and deceased in a style and setting similar to that at "The Lidj Yasu Omowala Village". Where, our VIP sections would be filled with the ordinary people who we know kept the culture active and sacrificed to build our communities. In so doing we would be keeping the vibration alive all through the year commemorating our struggle, constantly learning of our history and untying ourselves from the many pettiness that so often beset us, at the same time proving the sincerity of those who pretend their affiliation to African Culture once a year. With the Grand annual gathering at the Lidj Yasu Omowala Village, Queens Park Savannah. Positively mastering our journey towards excellence.

To the youths who must carry the cords of consciousness forward I say... it is your mind that would take you where you want to be. Develop your mental focus... be strong. Always honour the 'Truth'.

It is not only important to positively define your own destiny. You should develop your mind and refine your character, that your life will influence the destiny of the world.

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