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The Planet is called "Juy" and not "Way"
Posted: Monday, August 18, 2003

How to transcend the spatial-temporal Chains of Illusion, the Global Positioning System

By Franz J. T. Lee

"The winning weapon of the American assault on Iraq, like that of World War II, depended on a technology first imagined by Einstein, with some help from Poincare. Not nuclear weapons of mass destruction, but the Global Positioning System, by which the four dimensions of space-time can be so precisely measured as to direct a bomb or a soldier to within 50 feet of any spot on earth."
(WILLIAM R. EVERDELL, New York Times, 17/08/03)

Friends, definitely, if here in Mrida, Venezuela, we could discover Juy, a planet, rotating beyond Pluto, then surely we could easily develop a Real, Original Science and a True, Authentic Philosophy of the Bolivarian Revolution, directed against the global horror and terror, against the "awestruck" of the White House, the Pentagon, NASA and NATO, against any global positioning system or weaponry.

As "starting point", it is worthwhile to note that long before Einstein, Poincare and Tesla, Immanuel Kant has made us aware of something very significant, within the universal fatherland, something really fit for celestial, transgalactic emancipation.

As we know, Adolf Hitler made it very clear what precisely is necessary for exploitative body and dominating mind control: If you want to control a people, control its education! Thus, after having accomplished this mental holocaust, of course, the Metropolis won't even need "awestruck", or painstakingly directed mortal uranium depleted cluster-bombs. However, this is not a brilliant historic discovery of Corporate America -- already Plato in his "Republic" made the philosopher-kings aware of this cock-sure weapon; furthermore, already billions have been "formed" and "informed" across the millennia precisely via ruling class "education"; the intellectual result, as we can see globally in the context of contemporary infowarfare, especially here in Venezuela, across the mass media of the "opposition", is fatal for the species man, especially for the physically labouring, obsolete billions of "non-human beings". Nobody seems to notice the real mental holocaust, the destruction of the human mind. Nobody speaks about mental massacres, intellectual genocide. To be able to do this, it would be necessary to see how across fatherly space and time we were permanently bamboozled from the cradle to the grave, from morning till night, perfectly indoctrinated and manipulated.

But, talking about the Intellect, Verstand, Kant, but also Hegel, the German philosophers of the Enlightenment, threw light on something that is imperative. Precisely Space and Time are not real, they do not exist independent of the human mind, of society, in the "objective world"; they are just philosophic categories, inventions and creations of the ruling intellect, of ruling class mind, of Reason alias Capital, for production purposes, for exploitation, domination, discrimination, militarization and alienation. They are parameters for death; the only way to die on Earth is within Space and Time, within these universal limitations.

A uranium depleted cluster-bomb falls on your head, and it kills you in Space and Time. There is no other way to die -- the latter are the real, true, universal assassins. However, on the other hand, because they are the talk of the town, it seems that Orwell, like Big Brother, is still very much alive, not even to mention Plato and Jesus Christ. Because of our wonderful "education", of our exclusive "information", no matter how hard we try to understand the above, its quintessence is well-nigh impossible to grasp.

However, Hegel and Kant were not crazy, they were not yet stark "mad cows". The problem is that most of us, thanks to religion and ideology, are already well-conditioned productive, reproductive, docile slaves of Space and Time, innocent victims of all sorts of universal master-servant non-relations; unknowingly, because of cruel dissocialization processes, across our youth, most of us have already totally swallowed all genres of spatial-temporal models of culture, norms, traditions and rituals -- especially of production, distribution, consumption, accumulation, profit-mongering and ruthless destruction of nature and society -- all, hook, sinker, bait and poisoned shark.

The majority of us knows no other reality than a virtual spatial-temporal world. We cannot imagine anything different, or even trifferent. For millions anything else is madness -- for the adherents to the "opposition" in Venezuela, the historical fact, that the Bolivarian Revolution is democratic, just, peaceful and humane, is simply a fairy tale, they know much better, it is "dictatorial and tyrannical" -- this is the logical result of a mental holocaust of more than 40 years in Venezuela, not even to mention the centuries of feudalist Roman Catholic indoctrination, of the venom of the private mass media, of the toppled oligarchic classes and of the United States' "war of ideas", as disseminated by CNN.

In conclusion, whether you agree with me or not -- and this surely is not and cannot be the sincere objective of this openminded commentary -- it is high "time", is already the eleventh hour, for true revolutionaries to leave some emancipatory, free "space" in their totally occupied lives, to permit serious intellectual reflection about the above mentioned thoughts; and, consequently, of, by and for themselves, as Authentic Exodus, to try to act, think and transcend this earthly fascist vale of nazi woe by means of expatrian, exformative excellence, in which Past, Present and Future are just relative, related, transhistoric fleeting moments of human flowing truth, reality and aspirations. With Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment and "The Reign of Terror" the emerging bourgeoisie (and proletariat, although betrayed later) forever toppled the decaying nobility and moribund clergy; to be really successful, we have no alternative but to develop something fresh, filled with aurora, with the "alba", something far more omniscient, omnipotent: an extra-original Prxis, an authentic-innovative Theory and excellent, realizable Emancipation, to wipe away Global Fascism from the face of our Milky Way.

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