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Pseudo-Cons Glee In Taking Opportunities
Posted: Friday, September 5, 2003


The attempt to "privtize' Headstart is yet another attempt by the false "conservatives" to continue the process of destroying the Black, Hispanic and poor White communities in this nation. The idea that headstart should be curtailed, elimimated or 'privatized," when these attempts would destroy that program needs to be reexamined.

All research done has shown that Headstart has helped millions of people and has contributed to the saving of millions of dollars. In fact, headstart has done more than given a head-up to millions of Black, Hispanic, White, American Indian and a large percentage of the people of the US. It has helped contribute to a better America.


The false "conservatives" (former 'flower power,' liberals and one-issue armageddonists) seem to be on a roller coaster track in their conspiracy to destroy America and make it suitable for their own corporate friends and interests.

Why then would the false 'conservatives' wnat to destroy headstart and promote the type of atmosphere where the training and upbringing of young children will be left to a system that expects the destroyed children of America to be criminals and without the proper training to succeed in the job market.

If the false conservatives want all of America's billions to be funnelled into the Middle East to support their parents 'homeland' rather than using America's money for America's children, then these false conservatives need to reexamine their priorities.

If the false conservatives are really about creating a stable economic environment, as they have tried to do with devastation in California, they would not contribute to more of the 'high tech' slavery that has brought about the waste of trillions of dollars around the nation with absolutely no positive return.


The false conservatives are being systematic in their destruction of the American economy. First, anyone with any intelligence will see that the deficit has increased over the past two years and the economy is going into collasp in states like California, where conservative policies have contributed to the destriction of people and the taking of jobs to overseas locations where labor is cheap.

False conservatives have also pushed the "law and order," and "war against drugs" issues. Both of these 'wars" have also caused billions and have led to the elimination of a strong class of people between 18 to 30 who have been criminilized rather than trained for jobs and employment. At the same time, these same victims of this neo-facist economic agenda who could have been contributors to the economy are now 'slaves' of the drug war while the jobs are all going overseas.

It may shock some to realize that in 1670's just before slavery was officially established and Blacks in the English colonies were at an equal economic level to whites, the conservative Calvinists and others were having the same type of discussions that are common today. They introduced chattel slavery out of sheer envy of the Black colonists. Thus, the bible was interpreted to support slavery and both American Indians, Blacks native to North and South America and Africans all fell victim to slavery. The text, "A History of Racism and Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming," published by 1stBooks Library, and ), discusses this aspect of history in a thorough manner and traces the history of racism from the time of the nomadic infiltration into India in 1700 B.C. and introduced the racist caste system which continues to this day in India (see the June issue of National Geographic Magazine).

Black Nubian empire

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