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Lift Sanctions Against Zimbabwe
Posted: Friday, September 12, 2003

President Thabo Mbeki
Of South Africa,

President Olesugun Obasanjo
Of Nigeria, Abuja.

Prime Minister Howard,
Of Australia Canberra.


Your Excellencies, and Rt. Hon. Prime Minister,


1. Africa Strategy wants to commend the work of the two Commonwealth Heads of State namely Nigeria and South Africa for their concerted efforts of resolving the British sponsored violence in Zimbabwe. The pursuit for an African solution to the Zimbabwe political conflict adds weight to the integrity and dignity of the AU. This is a welcome gesture and a sign of political maturity. This goes a long way to solidify the principles of natural democracy and heals the wounds that the British and Australian systems opened in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe's democracy is the only vibrant one on the continent. A multiparty system that has endured a barrage of criticisms of the Western so called older democracy.

Our experience in Zimbabwe Politics has shown that this is a nation that can be reunited in thoughts. Zimbabwe has been peaceful since it gained independence from the murderous regime of Ian Smith, which was supported by the same stooges of capitalism like Australia and Britain. Africa Strategy notes with great sadness the way Prime Minister Howard has degraded himself to a level of a hooligan by openly denouncing a system that has reconciled with the past heinous crimes against humanity. His election on the troika therefore stands questionable by all African Commonwealth countries.

2. Disintegration of Commonwealth:

Africa Strategy has observed that the prototype violence in the commonwealth and the degree of political vigilante violence is about to disrupt the club of nations that HM the Queen helped to mould. The form of illegal violence, which leaders of Britain and Australia exhibit in the organisation, has caused disaster for Zimbabwe. The political vigilante clique headed by Howard an offspring of criminality and Blair a master of lies has driven the organisation to increasing disorder and political anarchy. The state of Mafia vigilantism in the Commonwealth has given rise to pilgrims of war and hatred among the great nations of the Queen. The actions of Australia and Britain have created suffering to the peaceful people of Zimbabwe and to a certain extent the whole of Southern Africa. We are now witnessing a right wing Anglo-Saxon Protestantism, which opposes perceived political, cultural, economic, social and moral liberation of the people of the Commonwealth and the world at large. The hatred of the land redistribution in Zimbabwe is a typical example of how the British and Australians have exposed their hypocrisy to the world. Africa Strategy therefore warns that the Common wealth will be divided on black and white lines if the current smear campaign on Zimbabwe does not end. The organisation stands to loose credibility and will disintegrate after the Abuja conference if the matter of Zimbabwe is not resolved.

3. Long route to dialogue in Zimbabwe

Africa Strategy has watched and followed with keen interest the long road to political settlement and reconciliation in Zimbabwe. There is a window of hope and good faith towards the strand of dialogue in Zimbabwe. But this can only be achieved if Australia as a member of the troika behaves professionally and does not behave like a lunatic in their political pronouncements. The road map for dialogue does exist in Zimbabwe and the people of Zimbabwe have realised that Howard and Blair have been feeding them on lies since the year 2000. They are now united and they intend to throw out imperialism to Victoria Falls. Zimbabweans themselves should be left to decide the direction of this long route to dialogue with the help of African peace brokers of Nigeria and South Africa. There is nothing Prime Minister Howard of Australia or Prime Minister Blair can offer because they are liars to the eyes of most African people.

4. Political harassment of the government of Zimbabwe.

The constant harassment of President Mugabe who has UNITED this country for 23 years under the principles of good governance should stop and a durable and viable way found to resolve the stalemate of Zimbabwe. Africa Strategy prays that targeted sanctions against Zimbabwe will be lifted soon so as to allow diplomacy to take shape and root. You cannot put a nation, which is under a humanitarian crisis to negotiate without giving concessions to encourage good will. Africa Strategy has maintained that Britain and Australia were politically na´ve to cut of political channels with Zimbabwe too early. They have created the negative political debacle we see in Zimbabwe.They have to show good gestures to enable fruitful dialogue. Dialogue can be achieved by respect for the current leadership of Zimbabwe. It is therefore deplorable that Australia and Britain who are member states in the Commonwealth to on harassing and intimidating Zimbabwe and the rest of the organisation.

5. Lifting sanctions will enhance political negotiations in Zimbabwe.

The lifting of sanctions will show a good sign of diplomacy. Targeted sanctions, which have caused economic hardships, should be removed to allow the spirit of conflict resolution to prevail.

The government of President Mugabe has many friends in Australia and Britain who can help to remould the political landscape of Zimbabwe and advise on the way forward. There is need to seek international and regional advise on the way forward by engaging the wise wisdom of those who have been on the side of President Mugabe for 23years. It was morally wrong and politically shallow for Britain and Australia to have closed the doors of open diplomacy when they're continued presence and contacts with Zimbabwe would have blossomed into a powerful pact of political magic for Zimbabwe. It is a shame to hear that the British government have now secretly admitted that Clare Short as the Minister in charge of Africa misled them on Zimbabwe.

6. Forced regime change will create power vacuum

Negotiations cannot be meaningful when a rope is tied around the neck of President Mugabe of Zimbabwe. His nation is facing economic hardships inflicted on it by the British and Australian sanctions. The same nations are calling on him to leave power when they know that a power vacuum could create chaos in Zimbabwe like what we see in Iraq. This strategy of divide and rule that has been embedded in the political history of these so-called old democracies must be exposed and we are delighted that Presidents Thabo Mbeki and his counter part Olesegun Obasanjo have taken a tough line to ensure that Australia and Britain do not bulldoze their way in the Commonwealth without checks and balances.

7. Wrong impression painted on Zimbabwe by Britain and Australia:

To date Africa Strategy has visited Zimbabwe 32 times to see itself the movement towards unity and reconciliation. Africa Strategy is pleased to state that contrary to the fantasy what the BBC and other imperialistic media houses have beamed around the world there is plenty of peace in this nation. This credit goes to President Mugabe's good policies that have not allowed Zimbabwe to go the Liberia Street.

There is peace and security in Zimbabwe than the streets of London or the shores of Australia. It is safer to walk in Harare at night than London because one does not know when the Real IRA will strike. The notion of insecurity in Zimbabwe is a design to divert attention on the high figures of gun crime in Britain and Australia. Considering the number tourists on British Airways route from London - Harare we find no reason of insecurity in Zimbabwe. Hospitality in Zimbabwe tourist resorts is better than in London or Australian Hotels. Zimbabwe needs encouragement not isolation.

8. Targeted sanctions in third world hurt masses not regime

We have stated and we have continued to state that sanctions in any African country hurt the masses not the governments. Sanctions in politics can only work when there is no consensus on national matters. In the case of Zimbabwe land is a common bond and no human being can tear that bond. This has given the government of Zimbabwe popularity amongst its people. That is why all attempts by the opposition to stifle people have failed because they have also acquired land in President Mugabe's land empowerment programme to the people. There is no need of hurting the same people with sanctions under the pretext of democracy. Do we want changes to come in Zimbabwe for the dead people? Is democracy a tool to kill Zimbabweans one by one under sanctions? Australia and Britain have pretended to be fighting for Zimbabwe's freedom by imposing the harsh economic sanctions to starve the masses. Is this the new form of tools of imperialistic liberation by torture and hunger?

9. Looming humanitarian crisis widens the gap of dialogue

If we want the parties in Zimbabwe to move closer to dialogue then the world should pay more attention to the humanitarian crisis that Britain and Australia imposed on the government of Zimbabwe.
The current humanitarian crisis was created and reinforced by the same big brothers of the Commonwealth. Is this the democracy of doom or double standards for Africans? Does democracy mean you kill people by strangulating them through economic embargoes and travel bans then you send food packages when they are on their deathbeds? If this is what Australia and Britain want in Zimbabwe then they are bound to upset the racial harmony in the whole Southern Africa. Australia and Britain should have learnt from Ugandan history where they created the late Idi Amin and he later turned Uganda into a jungle of cannibalism.

10. Is Commonwealth history repeating itself?

The world must be reminded that when Rhodesia was under Ian Smith the former British Prime Minister Edward Heath told the Common wealth leaders meeting in Singapore in 1971 that the British government would not force a solution for Rhodesia.

The same double standards tactic which older democracy used during the struggle for independence in Zimbabwe is the same applied by Prime Minister Howard on Zimbabwe today. Prime Minister Howard and his counter part in Britain encouraged violence through the MDC. That violence has destroyed the moral and political fabric of a vibrant democracy in Africa. The so-called sanctions have killed the economy of Zimbabwe. Yet today they are the same countries at the forefront of calling and forcing a solution on Zimbabwe. This is a double tragedy for the Commonwealth.

On the part of Ugandans who endured the brutality of the British double standard strategy under Amin will never mourn the death of former Prime Minister Edward Heath if it occurred. The British plotted a coup on Uganda on 25th January 1971, which led to the death of our fathers. This is why I warn many of my brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe not fall victims of international conspiracy. Those in MDC who have attacked me for defending President Mugabe against the British fangs should know that Uganda lost its shape because of former Rhodesia.

The then leadership of former President Dr. Milton Obote had wanted Britain to impose tough sanctions on the MURDEROUS IAN SMITH at Singapore Commonwealth Conference. But Britain instead plotted a coup with Amin. The political journey of Uganda in 1971changed for the sake of new Zimbabwe. The suffering and misery brought to Ugandans through the British sponsored coup and by advocates of regime change in 1971 has left lots of scars on the nation. Today history is repeating itself by the same countries at their usual game of changing leadership forcefully. Those who can remember history will not want it to happen in Zimbabwe as it happened in Uganda.
11. A reminiscent of political blunders by white Commonwealth

Africa Strategy knows that many British companies gained out of the Apartheid regime and UDI. We are also aware that many British and Australian companies burst the commonwealth and UN sanctions on the former Rhodesia. The African people would not like to see a reminiscent of the same blunders on the African soil. The leaders of the older Commonwealth should look at such historical reflections of the organisation to see the litany of lies and sorrow that their countries sowed on Africa before they talk of regime change.

It is now evident that Britain and Australia benefited from the former Rhodesian government of Ian Smith and the former Apartheid regime of South Africa. No African scholar of political science would like to witness such political brutality on Zimbabwe again. Imperialist intervention and call for regime change in Zimbabwe will harm inter -racial balance and will be a reminiscent of the disaster and cause disunity not only to Zimbabwe but also to the whole of Southern Africa. If the Zimbabwe issue is not handled with care it will explode into a time bomb that is in that region. There is a political accident in waiting in this region on the question of land and we must take a clear line not to upset the balance of forces and type of nationalism in the Southern African region.

12. Land redistribution programme is a foregone conclusion

Africa strategy knows that aspirations, passion, hope, volition and choice, belong inalienably to the life of the mind and the spirit of Zimbabweans. Without these tenets the people of Zimbabwe would languish and perish. As Africans we must not allow our selves to be paralysed by thought, rather as Africans we must use the Zimbabwe method to stand together and fight for freedom based on African values. Africa Strategy warns that we dare not stand and wait for foreigners from Europe and else where to set pace for us. President Mugabe has set pace for Africa to rethink. No political independence can be meaningful without the fruits of freedom, which are economic in nature. LAND is the final asset that Africans have and it must be shared equally without any obstacles from the former colonial masters.

The land re-distribution programme, which many countries like Australia and Britain used as ploy against President Mugabe, has been completed. President Mugabe has empowered and cared for his people. Most black and white people in Zimbabwe are in agreement of the removal of imbalances and inequalities, which were an accident in waiting and a time bomb similar to ultra nationalism of the Balkans The Commonwealth politically needs to move forward and look at a wider context of the African politics that has kept the people of Zimbabwe alive. Despite the threats from the former colonisers the country have survived and it is soldiering on with its Unity. This is a great political asset that most African countries lack. There is Unity of purpose in Zimbabwe unlike in countries like Uganda where the government only governs the Southern part of the country and the rest is under different rebel groups.

13. Awkward world order

The so-called world order that is bent on war and fails to learn to resolve crisis is an incompetent institution of political squalor. This is a reality given that there is peace in Zimbabwe up to this date although Prime Minister John Howard and Ton Blair in 2002 predicted war in Zimbabwe. It must be understood that in Zimbabwe there is a population that is resilient and determined to keep Zimbabwe as one nation. No political party today or in the near future will return the land to 1% of the white commercial farmers who owned 80% of arable land in Zimbabwe. We must recognise this as a fundamental change that we have to live with for generations to come. History always repeats itself. White colonisers never asked for land peacefully in Zimbabwe. They also grabbed this land forcefully from the black majority 120 years ago. The truth is that what President Mugabe has done in Zimbabwe is more orderly than what Cecil Rhodes did long time ago.

14. What Cecil Rhodes did 120 years ago has been annulled

The land is in the hands of the owners both black and white that are Zimbabweans. This is political dynamism and no mankind can stop the flow of freedom to the people. The skewed land policies that were created by the barbaric colonial laws have been destined to the dustbin of political history and those in the Common wealth who value sanity must accept this and focus on the economic hardships that Zimbabwe faces today.

The truth is that no political party in Zimbabwe can undo what Mugabe has done for his people. Let Britain and Australia learn this hard fact. The land is the given back to its owners both black and white on equal basis. Not even the foreign traitor clique in the MDC can derail the land programme. Politics is not therefore static it is dynamic and to cry over history is to create room for disaster. Africa and Zimbabweans in particular are not prepared to see what is in Iraq happen on their farms. Africans are usually very modest people who have no desire to let out blood. But the drums of war by Prime Minister Howard and Tony Blair of Britain can cause political mayhem to the continent.

15. Zimbabwe is a victim of rotten political spin from Britain and Australia.

Africa as a continent is faced with many forces of political immaturity, which destroy the young democracy that has not, evolved for over 1000 years like that of Australia or of Britain. The so-called older democracies are the key allies behind the Zimbabwe saga and isolation. The Zimbabwe case study is a classic example where dark imperial forces of political immaturity have prevailed. It must be remembered that most those used by the British and Australia today in MDC are either deserters from the main ZANU-PF or are re-positioning themselves for political office after the so-called advocated changes in Zimbabwe. Most of them are young people and University leavers who have no knowledge of running a government. If these groups are allowed to take the whims of power Zimbabwe will be Liberia.

The opposition in Zimbabwe is not home grown opposition but a foreign agitated opposition to protect a minority syndrome in Zimbabwe. Britain and Australia have a track record of grooming and using leaders in Africa whose thinking and reasoning capacity is equivalent to that of the late Amin Dada of Uganda. The politics of Unionism has failed in Zambia and has created chaos in Britain where the British are trapped in a shadow of spin doctoring. It is now crystal clear that Britain and Australia wanted to alter the political landscape of Zimbabwe in favour of the anointed leader of the MDC but failed.

They wanted to use the election exit strategy to destroy President Mugabe and that too has failed. They have tried to create insurgency in Zimbabwe through Baroness Lynda Chalker that too has failed. They have tried to use the Secretary General of the Common wealth destroy Zimbabwe that too failed. The only route left for political face saving for these nations is to talk directly to the government of Zimbabwe. That can be achieved by lifting sanctions that will allow free movement of all parties concerned.

16. The efficacy of the Commonwealth is dead by using the tainted middle class in MDC that values money more than patriotism.

To make democratic changes in Africa needs patriotism and a strong middle class that is not tainted by colonial handouts, which can only help to expose the ignorance of the opposition. The above cases of politics of unionism and spin doctoring are closely related to the presence of a small middle class that has no bearing to the current situation on ground in Zimbabwe. This small middle class is supported by the older democracies in the Common wealth to unleash violence against the state in Zimbabwe. Africa Strategy has documented these acts of violence by the MDC, which shows how the two older democracies have been responsible for acts of political vandalism in Zimbabwe.

The support given to the opposition MDC in Zimbabwe since the year 2000 has killed the efficacy of the Commonwealth. In fact there must be an investigation or commission of inquiry into the conduct of the Commonwealth Secretariat in London as regards Zimbabwe. Millions and millions of USD dollars have been poured to the opposition in Zimbabwe to instigate and orchestrate chaos. The books of Accounts at the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) reveal that money was paid to opposition papers in Zimbabwe like the Daily News to maintain sanctions and distortion of Zimbabwe's image abroad. The resources channelled to MDC as late as September 2002 have killed and stalled peaceful solutions for Zimbabwe. The older democracies have tainted the small middle class in Zimbabwe politics with blood money that has now haunted the Commonwealth.

17. Election exit strategy

Older democracies now use election exit strategy against third world countries that have no means of answering back. Electoral politics in Africa constitutes a worrying phenomenon on the transition to stable democracy. Elections in almost all postcolonial commonwealth were regarded as free and fair in the 1960s and 1970s. Both contenders and electorate generally accepted them as credible, free and fair. The Australian Prime Minister should note that these elections of postcolonial Commonwealth were held without the so-called outfit of imperialism called OBSERVERS. Zimbabwe's case was sad because the Commonwealth Secretary General sent a team "for a summer holidays and social spree". The report which the team produced on Zimbabwe elections was "doctored" and "sexed up " to the pleasure of the older democracies of Australia and Britain in the Commonwealth. "W e now have ample evidence that shows that all words the two Prime Ministers Blair and Howard speak are lies. Africa Strategy wants the Commonwealth to revisit the Zimbabwe election story and we shall find many areas where the two countries have lied on ZIMBABWE." Then Britain using its other proxies in the European Union also sexed the report further to force sanctions to the great basket of Africa Zimbabwe

18. Culture of political corruption in the Commonwealth

There is a serious political syndrome called a culture of political corruption in Africa. There is corrupt tendency that no election in Africa is credible unless the so-called bunch of elite foreign observers like General Abubakar and his mercenaries of doom in Zimbabwe certify it. "The Common wealth team that was sent to Zimbabwe elections became voters instead of observers" The Common wealth failed and ignored its role as an organisation founded for those with a common cause of humanity and one that has closer links with Britain and HM the Queen of United Kingdom. It has turned itself into an international surveillance camera that is always superficial or comes late to spoil the electoral process of several nations in the world. The Australian and British governments have both legitimised opposition parties in many countries where they have gone to observe elections. This is a very worrying strategy on the side of the older democracies. The blood bath that we see in most parts of the world is as a result of doctored and faked evidence by the so-called observers on all political issues in the Commonwealth. The question of Uganda is an example where a political opponent of Museveni was exiled in the eyes of the Commonwealth. Zimbabwe does not need that fallacy. Zimbabwe has made strides towards good governance and political maturity where the elections are won on merit.

19.Losers of election in Africa never defeat

Africa Strategy notes that there is a very disturbing development where the losers even those who take part in elections that are widely seen as free and fair never accept defeat. The case of Nigeria where the opposition rejected the verdict of the ballot box. Some countries in the European Union wanted to side with the opposition to derail the democratic process. This is an area where Africa needs ample research. The Common wealth must ascertain whether the claims of such dubious opposition are true. The trend that creates warlords and separatists whose desire for blood and violence is overwhelming must be discouraged. These dirty opposition parties like the MDC in Zimbabwe have brought humanitarian crisis in most countries where Australia and Britain send their troops and food packages for dead Africans. Why was Zimbabwe able to survive for 22years with prosperity and then the 2002 elections brought misery? This is the question for those who blame President Mugabe to answer.

20. Imperialism has overridden logic

The Zimbabwe case is the political benchmark where imperialism has overridden logic. Most of the countries that have hated President Mugabe do so for glory and adventurism. The Mercantile capitalism system has roots in the hate campaign against Zimbabwe. The government in Zimbabwe has allowed opposition freedom to publish in the media, it has allowed the opposition to sort differences through courts and above all Zimbabwe has no political prisoners like in Uganda and other countries that Britain and Australia praise. These are all signs of good governance. The colonial hangover policy has destroyed the development initiated by the Commonwealth. Australia and Britain should learn from the Iraq scandal that has blown up into political chaos both in their countries and in Iraq itself. We should not create unnecessary wars that will drain the resources that would have been used to cure HIV/ AIDS. Imperialism must not thrive and kill the spirit of democratisation in the emerging democracies that have balanced a political base like that of Zimbabwe.

21. Polarised Commonwealth has not mandate:

Africa Strategy has watched the Secretary General of the Common wealth grow from political ignorance to stalemate since the Zimbabwe March 2002 Elections. We recognise and welcome the recent statements made during his visit to Abuja for the preparations of Commonwealth conference. But they are not sufficient to remove the burden that is on the shoulders of Zimbabweans. The Secretary General has on a number of occasions issued statements that add agony and anguish to the people of Zimbabwe. He has shown bias and negativity as an administrator of policy in the Commonwealth. This has led to the current status quo in Zimbabwe. He has no coherent programme for dialogue in Zimbabwe. He has been listed as conduit of misinformation and has opened a Pandora box of complex issues that create more chaos than solutions on the crisis Zimbabwe. This is regrettable episode for an administrator who is mandated to find ways and means of resolving the political debacle that was supported by some member states of the Commonwealth on Zimbabwe. He has in summary caused rifts in the Commonwealth and opened more wounds than any of his predecessors.

22. Tactics used in the Ottoman Empire

The question of Zimbabwe reminds us of the tricks that the old British imperialism used to reshape the Ottoman Empire in 1924 by leaving behind the current Iraq as it is and giving green light to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. The use of the Common wealth to cause a pre-emptive war of regime change on Zimbabwe is the aim of having an indirect rule through pseudo-democracy spearheaded by the MDC under the supervision of the Secretary Generals office in London. Africa Strategy finds most of these acts treasonable in the Commonwealth and that is why we are appealing to you leaders to raise these issues to your fellow Heads of state in the Common wealth in Abuja.

23. Australian lobby for extension of sanctions on Zimbabwe

Reports and documents we have obtained from most Australian High Commissions abroad indicate that the government of Prime Minister Howard has directed its staff to lobby for support in order to expel or extend the harsh conditions that Zimbabweans are living in today for another term. The huge amounts of donations to some poor Common wealth countries in return for their support on Zimbabwe is not only appalling but an act of political immaturity on the part of the member of the troika which the Commonwealth should condemn.

Africa Strategy does not take it lightly as this has created corruption and political arms twisting which the Harare Declaration of 1997 on Accountability and good governance does not subscribe to. Many small countries and some in East Africa have been paid or are about to be paid to support Zimbabwe's expulsion from the Common Wealth. These actions renders the Prime Minister of Australia not fit to sit on the TROIKA.

24. Covert and overt operation against Zimbabwe.

It is now very clear that the weaker nations have become vulnerable or open to overt or covert manipulations that have included the financing of the wars. The case of Liberia where the British oligarchy and Australia financed the LURD rebels in return for the diamonds from the rebels. Going by norms of international standards of governance the two should be censored by the majority in the Common wealth. We should not allow Zimbabwe to become another Anglo-American elite network of "silent diplomacy" that has created trouble and hidden under global terrorism to dismember nations.

25. Conclusion and way forward

Africa Strategy wants to alert the two leaders of the Commonwealth on the troika of the dangers of the Australian agenda that has already decided the fate of Zimbabwe. We want to ask the Common wealth through you to revamp the dialogue based on the conditions that don't create chaos like the one we have in Liberia where we had to stop the democratically President for the sake of British and American hegemony. This has set wrong signals to all other developing democracies on the continent. We must as Africans and for Africans whatever the colour of skin must have the cause for our continent. We must only support programmes of recovery that will not tie us and remind us of slavery and Apartheid era. Dialogue based on African values and accepted by the people of Zimbabwe will stop the madness of vagaries of imperialism and neo-colonialism.

26. Fangs of colonial hangover

The poisonous fangs of colonial legacy of the older democracies can be stopped by the firm determination and courage that the leadership on the continent can exhibit in terms of political maturity. Not by decisions made from Australia or Britain. Africa needs an African solution bases on African values not an imposed solution that will apex to chaos as soon as the ink dries on paper. The political crisis in Zimbabwe sponsored by Westminster Foundation for Democracy WFD to destroy nation is a deliberate attempt to re-colonise Africa through third door democracy of globalisation. The Common wealth has failed to invest in the mature civil society on the continent. They always look for weak political opposition like the one in Zimbabwe to create anarchy. If Australia had invested in a patriotic civil society in the Commonwealth there would have been no need for the so-called Foreign Observers misguiding the Common wealth on elections.

27. Time to lift sanctions on Zimbabwe

Every time we travel to this country we witness the scars of imperialism opening up slowly. We have seen in the last 2 years a Zimbabwe that was prosperous heading for a total collapse in economic infrastructure. President Mugabe has been tremendous in upholding the instruments of power and we should award him the respect he deserves. No leader on the continent can keep his former enemy after power takeover like what President Mugabe has done in ZIMBABWE. President Mugabe is a true statesman of the continent who is committed to principles of reconciliation that have failed in Uganda, Congo, Liberia, and many nations that are on war footing. The World Bank and IMF should be encouraged to return to assist in rebuilding the economy that the Australia and Britain have helped to destroy.

Africa Strategy wants be on record and to be known that we are calling for an immediate lifting of sanctions on Zimbabwe. We also call for a complete halt to all hostile actions on Zimbabwe by the Commonwealth "big brother syndrome" that has yielded a humanitarian crisis against Zimbabwe. W e call upon Nigeria and South Africa as strong African economic and political models to resist all temptations of being ordered around on the issue of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has a bright future under President Mugabe and there has been a smooth transition to democracy. Our goals as Africans are to value humanity not the mad principles of mercantile capitalism, which have led to bloodbath in Iraq.

28. The Way forward

If Tony Blair was not sure of history of Iraq then it has now judged him harshly and he is regretting. Zimbabwe cannot be an experimental case of freedom on the continent. Zimbabwe should not fall the way Liberia went due to political ignorance of the leaders of Australia and Britain who have put more emphasis on material gains than the life of the black Africans.
History has repeated itself in Iraq. The Liberian case shows that Britain and Australia have always left a trail of carnage. We have documents in our possession, which indicate that Britain supported the rebels of LURD in Liberia for the lucrative diamond trade. Britain supplied arms to these rebels as shown by end-user certificates. This is we what we want to avoid in Zimbabwe.

29. Political weakness of Blair and Howard at home.

Both Prime Ministers of Britain and Australia are politically weak at home now. They face daunting tasks to salvage their political life span. The Iraq fiasco where they lied to voters about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) is now haunting them. The world knows for sure that Blair and Howard are habitual liars. It is common knowledge that very few people can trust these sons of soil on Zimbabwe or any other issue in the world politics. This is where the integrity of Presidents of South Africa And Nigeria is at stake in African politics if you don't deliver Zimbabwe back to the world harmony peacefully. Africa Strategy will always be with you all the way to Abuja and until we return Zimbabwe to its former glory.

This letter will be copied to the Secretary General for information to Member states of the Commonwealth. The research we have conducted on Zimbabwe indicates that 85% Common wealth States prefer lifting sanctions and having direct talks with the Government of Zimbabwe on the issues that were more of bilateral nature.

God bless you all,
Thanking all of you advance
Yours sincerely

David Nyekorach- Matsanga (Dr)
Africa strategy.

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