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Stand firm Robert Mugabe!
Posted: Sunday, December 7, 2003

by Davy de Verteuil

When Zimbabwe withdraws form the commonwealth then I wish to surrender my commonwealth citizenship and become a Zimbabwean citizen. (I am for real)

The Commonwealth will always be for commoners while the elites go off to Iraq and Afghanistan and murder tens of thousands over their resources and strategic locations.

Not a single resolution calling for these barbarians expulsion for the unwarranted illegal unlawful destruction of another country mass murder and genocide.

The Commonwealth in my view is a band of arse lickers that revered even the vilest criminal white establishment as nearer to God than the Prophets of God.

I wish I had the power to renounce my status as a commonwealth citizen as I abhor the gutless hypocrisy of independent Nation leaders that continue to kowtow before Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Not for any moment in history these known unrepentant criminal nations have materialistically, constitutionally and monetarily apologize, and or reverse their gains from the brutal oppression and occupation of member commonwealth countries, and the countries they continue to occupy.

Why can't Canada return to the Native Indian nation their ancestral homeland now called Canada? New Zealand and Australia should do the same. What is the moral meter- threatening, and cajoling a bunch of dirty bloodied corrupt Africans leaders with the exception of South Africa and the Southern neighbors?

India is no more a democracy than Israel. India occupies Kashmir, and has killed a thousand times more of the inhabitants there than Zimbabwe has in the latter struggle for National integrity. India sees herself as Japan did 45 years ago, and is steadfastly heading in the direction of those that once colonized and slaved them.

President Oba Sanjo thinks he is the new African statesman, and will play the role of an obedient house nigger while western multinational corporations run amok as though Africa was never really won.

Malaysia though not African in nature has shown greater principle and understanding in keeping the vultures at bay. Although Malaysia may have it's short comings, it has not kowtowed but formed an alliance with Zimbabwe, even rivaling South Africa in brotherliness against what it sees as western victimization from the common thuggery against Zimbabwe.

The Commonwealth is a department of Windsor where the Queen is King, and it's none white members aren't really members but subjects with a false sense of independence.

Call to restore Mugabe

By Tom Allard, Abuja, Nigeria
December 7, 2003
The Sun-Herald, via

Australia's hopes for a quick resolution of the debate over Zimbabwe at the Commonwealth leaders' summit have been dashed, with mounting calls from African countries for the regime of Robert Mugabe to be re-admitted to the forum, forcing the hasty creation of a six-nation committee to hammer out a compromise solution.

Prime Minister John Howard is one member of the committee of "wise men", which also includes the leaders of Canada, South Africa, India, Jamaica and Mozambique.

Among the proposals being considered is for Zimbabwe to have the opportunity to rejoin the 54-member body before the next Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in two years.

The committee's deliberations reflect the fact that the consensus on Zimbabwe's future that Mr Howard had been so optimistic about on his arrival in the Nigerian capital for the summit has evaporated. Continue...

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