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Tsvangirai's Big Head Has No Sanity - Mugabe
Posted: Friday, April 29, 2005

BINDURA, Mar. 31 - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has charged opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) president Morgan Tvsangirai's "big head carries no sanity".

And President Mugabe said his government could have killed the colonial master Ian Smith because he deserved to die after the country got independence.

Addressing thousands of people in Bindura district, about 120 kilometres away from Harare on Tuesday, Mugabe said Tsvangirai had won 57 seats in the last elections simply because he told lies about Zimbabwe to Europeans who were the greater liars.

"Europeans are never honest. They think that lies play a great part in politics. Tsvangirai has a big head and you would think that big head carries sanity...none at all!" President Mugabe said. "He runs to the British like a dog with a wagging tail to say 'my country is not free, there is dictatorship, there are irregularities and people are dying of hunger'. Lies, lies and more lies... goodness me. We do not pursue that kind of politics, it is foreign to us. Tsvangirai lies to greater liars than himself and the British are happy because they have someone to use.

"What country, really, would allow a man like Tsvangirai to sit at the helm? This Tsvangirai, what is he? A man with little education, little sense and no background? Ok, we created the trade unions and he had a chance of serving as secretary general but he messed up. He has no mind of his own, he just interprets other people's thoughts both in words and actions. Anyway, fools can also run as politicians. It's only in politics where fools can also run."

And President Mugabe said Smith was still alive and criticising his government because they had spared him.

President Mugabe said Smith had done a lot of harm to Zimbabweans and for that reason he did not deserve to live.

"Ian Smith is still alive and farming because we spared him. He did a lot of bad things to us but we still spared him. He had two farms, we only got one and they say we are tyrannical. If we had wanted, just one bullet could have taken care of things that side but he is still alive and criticising us," President Mugabe said. "He is still writing things against us, he is free to do so. He would have been dead but he is still hanging his head. Tell me, in which part of the world could a man like Ian Smith be alive today? He had kidnapped and assassinated a lot of people in the bush. Others were thrown in mine pits and we do not know where many others were buried. Over 50,000 people died during the struggle and Ian Smith destroyed a lot of lives. But we are survivors and Tony Blair must know that. Our sovereignty will not be interfered with by anyone, be it Blair or Bush."

And President Mugabe charged that Europeans were the worst liars despite their strong Christian foundation.

He cited America's attack on Iraqi as an incursion based on lies. However, President Mugabe said that African leaders believed in telling their people the truth.

President Mugabe said Zimbabweans had a right to determine their own political destiny adding that self-rule was their birthright. He wondered why British Prime Minister Tony Blair could not leave Zimbabwe alone in that it was not the only country in Africa.

President Mugabe said Zimbabwe single-handedly introduced multiparty elections and had managed to stand on its own without help from the Europeans. He said his cabinet was among the few in the world with very learned brains.

"We have had democracy since 1980. We introduced one man, one vote and when we went to Lancaster, if Smith had never accepted the democratic principle we could never have sat with him. We went to the polls in 1980, we won. In 1985 we won, in 1990 we won and in 2000 we won. In 2002 when we introduced the presidential system, I won that election," President Mugabe said. "Blair, leave us alone. We don't have to be directed by you. What do we have to learn from you? Nothing at all. Why do you want to extend your rule to poor Zimbabwe and even to wage a stupid war against people of Iraqi? Blair's sanctions are unjustified. And who is he to us? Have the British people asked him why he is so concerned only with Zimbabwe in Africa?"

President Mugabe said he was confident that the ruling Zimbanwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) would carry the day in today's parliamentary elections.

"There is no bar in running for elections, even fools can contest. In 2002 the MDC managed to get 57 seats and we accepted because they won after lying to the people. We have a free run again and of course they are losing because people have seen through them. They are now wearing see-throughs," he said.

President Mugabe also said there would be no rigging as people who rigged were MDC supporters.

And referring to his former information minister Jonathan Moyo, President Mugabe said some people were over-ambitious, wanting to get to the top earlier than their time.

"Others are ambitious like Jonathan Moyo and they want to jump forward. A frog will never give birth to a cow. A frog is a frog and it can never be a cow," he said.

President Mugabe urged the people of Bindura, the home of the first female war veteran Mbuya Nehanda and the country's Vice-President Joyce Mujuru, to maintain their patriotism saying the liberation struggle started from their province.

He said thousands of people died during the struggle and that people should not forget how people sacrificed lives for Zimbabwe.

President Mugabe said Zimbabwe had reached a third revolution - the land reforms.

"Today is the final day I am talking to you. I have been around the country with only one word. Where are we and where did we come from? We travelled long distances in 1980 and tried to pursue ways of uplifting our people. We built schools even in outlying areas where there were mosquitoes and tsetse flies. Women empowerment is very important and it has to start with agriculture and mining. In mining, people in surrounding areas should benefit by getting royalties. In agriculture there is need for women to be given small loans to enable them to run viable businesses. We need to help our women in the province. Right now we have the support of the chiefs and only two chiefs are on the opposition's side. Liberation is precisely a reflection of our performance as we try to uplift our country," he said.

President Mugabe commended Vice-President Mujuru's commitment to Zimbabwe's liberation, which she started as a very young girl.

He said even when her husband (Mujuru) fell in love with her whilst in the bush, he first approached him but he (Mugabe) asked him to hold on until they got into town.

"Joyce Mujuru was just a little girl in the camps, she looked after herself and she was never ambitious. When the husband fell in love with her, he came to me and by then we were in the bush. So I said man, we are in the bush. Can you write on a piece of paper which will be a reminder when we get to town? So that is that about Joyce and since she is from this province you need to keep that spirit," said President Mugabe.

Amos Malupenga, Chansa Kabwela Brighton Phiri


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