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Aid in exchange for alienating Mugabe
Posted: Saturday, June 18, 2005

Malawi accused over tear gas for Mugabe
AN African government whose people are receiving financial aid from Scotland has been accused of flouting sanctions in supplying the Zimbabwean police force with tear gas.


Comment by Ayinde

This is how European 'Aid' works. European leaders intend to create more divisions among African leaders and nations. Today, European/ American 'Aid' is tied to getting African leaders to alienate President Mugabe and Zimbabwe. Among other methods, such as sanctions, this is often accomplished by adding restrictive control measures before aid is released.

Of course, European and American leaders want to determine what good governance in Africa is. The African countries that they would claim are practicing good governance will be those that cheaply sell their assets to European/American investors and countries that maintain colonial inequities. They also want African countries to continue allowing a minority of whites to occupy and profit from the best agriculture lands in Africa.

Bob Geldof and Bono may not be aware of Blair's motives, but Blair's entire 'Aid for Africa' drive is intended to get African nations distracted from examining and attempting to correct colonial injustices as part of resolving poverty and wars. They fear the infectious Land Reclamation exercise in Zimbabwe can spread to other parts of Africa. So 'Aid' today is to work just as AIDS; it is to ensure that Africans do not develop immunity from European/ American trinkets and control.

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