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Zimbabwe and Eurocentric Nostalgia
Posted: Saturday, July 9, 2005

Zimbabwe Currency Stabilizes as Informal Market Dwindles
The Zimbabwe dollar has regained some ground against the U.S. dollar since the start of Harare's offensive against the black market in foreign exchange. At one point the U.S. dollar fetched 30,000 Zimbabwe dollars, but has slipped to Z$20,000 per U.S. dollar.

The Zimbabwe dollar's recovery won't last, though, according to Lucy Sibanda, who has worked in the parallel currency market for six years. Before Operation Restore Order she operated from a stall in the Bulawayo forex mart known as the World Bank. But she has adapted to the new circumstances for informal traders.


Reply by franksta

About two or so years ago a US senator or congress man said that it was the intention of his government(Bush II) to make the economy of Zimbabwe " scream" as a result of Mugabe's land policy. So it comes as no surprise to me when my good friend Masimba states that Mugabes has run the economy into the ground , he is oblivious to the shenanigans of europeans who make it their bussiness to meddle in Africa's and black nations affairs . Due to the fact that I am unable to find or remember the individuals name or the occassion where the speech was delivered , i have not used it in my reasoning with our lost and confused brother .

As head of the government of Zimbabwe , the responsibility lies with Mugabe , that is undeniable . It is my opinion , in this regard naive and simplistic , to not take into consideration the manipulation be done be european powers against the elected government and the people of Zimbabwe .

Thanks for that encouraging bit of news


Reply by Ayinde

"The Zimbabwe dollar's recovery won't last"

I share that view for the very reasons you gave. What is happening with Zimbabwe is quite deliberate and any move Mugabe makes will, in many ways, anger some people in Zimbabwe. The opposition, in cahoots with the U.S. and other European powers, intend to exaggerate and exploit that anger to force regime change. That is part of their entire plan.

Imagine they want us to believe that white people in Zimbabwe liked having poor blacks with their shacks and slums hustling around their businesses. The white business interest is the main player in the opposition party. These whites are pretending to be on the side of the vendors. We know whites are exploiting the situation and really want the black vendors removed.

The government's motive may be to try to stamp out the black market that is driving the Zimbabwe dollar down. The claim that President Mugabe is clearing the slums to persecute the opposition is just foolishness. The government's reason for their actions makes the most sense.

Most countries in the world would not be able to maintain the illusion of successful economies without trading with European nations, and them having access to European financial institutions. European financial institutions remote control other countries and success is largely measured and reported from their point of view. If they deem the success too much to the benefit of the country/indigenous people, they manipulate using sanctions and threats of military intervention. If the governments do not agree to their unfair policies, they are targeted for removal.

That is the nature of modern so-called democracies that developed out of slavery and colonialism. Elite whites in these African countries and foreign white business interests, are the ones who profit the most from the land and Black labour. White power intends to keep it that way.

Along the way, African leaders and a few other Black businessmen, just funnel the 'riches' to elite whites, and for that they got more material wealth than the average person. Of course, they never got enough to set up viable challenges to elite European hegemony. They got just enough to want to protect the status quo, and they were armed by European powers to do so.

So when we speak about Zimbabwe's prosperous times, we are talking about a time when more of the basics were available to Blacks, just enough to get by. We are talking about when whites felt secure to continue reaping most of the profits from stolen resources. A country is branded a success when whites are prospering and the local government can at least take care of the basics. Elite Whites do not see Blacks as anything other that subsistence labourers and consumers.

The nostalgia that some are displaying on this board for what existed before in Zimbabwe is very Eurocentric. They are fighting for white control... never seeing Blacks as being able to claim their own space and economic direction.

Most post colonial societies moved along similar lines and that is how we have neocolonialism today. I feel none of these leaders really thought out the entire system enough to realize a better way forward. Some experimented with change, but as history showed, they were either killed or removed from power by European orchestrated coups.

Real change is not possible, unless the majority of people in Zimbabwe are educated about themselves throughout history and the evil in the European systems they inherited. Only an educated majority can withstand the aggression of European powers.

The White leaders loudly proclaim that they want to protect their way of life. Their way of life is exactly the problem. They will pay poor people to fight and kill as many people as possible who oppose them to protect their greed.

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