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West's degrees conferred on leaders not sincere
Posted: Monday, May 28, 2007

EDITOR — Cde George Charamba's response in The Herald (April 25 2007) to calls from some quarters that want American and British universities to revoke President Mugabe's honorary degrees was spot on — the President does not suffer from a crisis of academic achievement.

I would like to add my voice as well.

Africans in general and Zimbabweans in particular must know that the honours, degrees, medals, and so forth conferred on African leaders, past or present, by the West, were never sincere.

They are meant to flatter our leaders so that they can work to further Western interests at the expense of the majority of Africans.

Just look at how they praise past and present African leaders who have done virtually nothing to empower indigenous black people but whose "success" is rated by how well they maintain the status quo of minority white privileges.

I am glad that we Zimbabweans have opted to die on our feet than live on our knees. We must never fear sanctions!

We must stand firm in our fight for self-reliance. Just look at how the Chinese and Koreans have done it.

All that we need are sacrifices across the board.

Godwin Hatitye


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