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Germany's plot against Zimbabwe exposed
Posted: Monday, June 25, 2007

The Herald

At least the world can now see for itself the extent of the cowardice, dishonesty and lies that characterise the West's engagement over Zimbabwe.

A few days back, the Germany Embassy in Harare denied visas to two key members of the Zimbabwean delegation that was supposed to attend the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly underway in Wiesbaden, Germany, scuttling Zimbabwe's participation in the process.

It is important to note that Zimbabwe was supposed to feature prominently on the agenda, yet the West did not want Zimbabwe to be present to defend itself against their malicious propaganda.

What is more, they were only too happy to grant a visa to MDC legislator, Nelson Chamisa, whom they expected to grandstand on their behalf.

Head of delegation Senator Forbes Magadu, who was supposed to table a resolution to expose the West's hand in the ongoing political and economic problems in the country, was conveniently denied a visa.

Secretary to the delegation Dr Godfrey Chipare, the principal director (external relations) with the Parliament of Zimbabwe, who was supposed to help Senator Magadu with the paperwork, was also denied a visa.

Of course, Senator Clarissa Vongai Muchengeti of Zanu-PF was granted a visa, but it was evident that the EU wanted to use her as a cover for Chamisa, as they considered her a soft-target since she did not have the responsibility of tabling the resolution.

There you have it; Zimbabwe was supposed to be present but not represented, giving Westerners the opportunity to trash the country at will.

Fortunately, their nefarious agenda was exposed and we hail the Parliament of Zimbabwe for withdrawing the credentials of the entire delegation.

What is shocking about the saga is not Germany's wanton violation of the Cotonou Agreement that guarantees immunities and privileges to state parties conducting ACP-EU business, but the manner in which the Germans shamelessly lie that no applications were lodged with them when they refused to issue the application forms for the two delegates in the first place.

They should tell the world why Chamisa and Cde Muchengeti had visas if no applications had been forwarded.

The scandal is, however, consistent with the West's treatment of Zimbabwe, their strategy is simple create problems and blame it on the victim.

That is the whole story behind the land reform programme.

White settlers of Western origin created the skewed land ownership with their racist policies.

It was Britain that refused to honour its obligations to fund land reforms in Zimbabwe.

The countries that reneged on the promises they made at the Land Donor Conference of 1998 were from the West.

It was the West again that tried to internationalise a purely bilateral dispute between Harare and London.

It is the West that imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe, which sanctions are behind the economic problems bedevilling the country today.

It is the West that is sponsoring subversive political activities in Zimbabwe.

It is the West that blames Zimbabwe for everything.

This is why we hope those who are quick to judge, quick to be swayed by Western propaganda learn from this scandal.

The West does not want the real Zimbabwean story to be heard.

They would rather keep feeding the world with lies.

If, as they say, they are right, they should give Zimbabwe the chance to present its side of the story and let an informed world decide who is right and who is wrong.

We have no doubt Zimbabwe will be vindicated.

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