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Invading Zimbabwe a non-starter
Posted: Thursday, November 29, 2007

November 29, 2007
The Herald

EDITOR — Reports that former British prime minister Tony Blair contemplated invading Zimbabwe and that the plan is still on the table were shocking.

Why would Britain, of all countries, want to attack Zimbabwe, its former colony?

Zimbabwe is ready to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

What is wrong with the British? So by dispossessing a mere 4 000 white farmers, who owned and controlled vast swathes of our land and distributing it to our people is enough justification to invade Zimbabwe?

Do Blair and Gordon Brown know who owns Zimbabwe? Who are the indigenous people of Zimbabwe?

Are they of British blood?

Zimbabwe cannot be a present-day Australia where the indigenous Aborigines were dispossessed of their land by British criminals. Today, the Aborigines suffer under the yoke of oppression and racism by these British criminals. The same situation obtains in New Zealand where the Maoris were dispossessed of their motherland by the same criminals.

Today, not many speak about these injustices. No one today speaks about helping these oppressed people, to turn the tables to repossess their land. The United Nations is mum. The undemocratic Security Council, which should be in the forefront of speaking against these injustices, has the oppressors among its permanent members.

The Anglo-Saxons can veto any discussion of these injustices.

So Blair and Brown, invading Zimbabwe is a non-starter. If the British feel the interests of their kith and kin are under threat, why don't they airlift their nationals from our country? What are they doing in Zimbabwe if they can't stand the heat? I repeat: Zimbabwe is prepared for any invasion. Where would Britain launch that attack from? Which African country in Southern Africa or far afield would allow its territory to be used as a launch pad by imperialists to attack its brothers and sisters? What would be the reaction of the African Union? Would Africa stand aloof while one of its own is under attack from a white imperialist?

Attempting to attack Zimbabwe would be the biggest mistake the British can ever make? Would Britain be able to extinguish the conflagration when it ignites?

Britain should ask its ally, the United States, what happened in 1992 when they attempted to "restore hope" in Somalia.

Zimbabwe did not take or ask for an inch of Britain to deserve an invasion. We did not even dare attack the Malvinas Islands. We just took our land; we did not wrong anyone.

Zimbabwe cannot be bullied by threats of an invasion; it can never by cowed by owls pretending to have horns. The land reform programme is irreversible, and it will benefit generations to come. The sanctions the European Union imposed will not take our eyes off the ball. We are prevailing and victory is in sight. The British are fearful now that since the land issue has succeeded in Zimbabwe, then South Africa, Namibia and other African countries are going to follow suit and their interests would be in tatters. So the best way, they think, is to stop Zimbabwe in its tracks to dissuade any would-be followers.

Brown, get this: Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.

Campion Mereki.


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