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MDC's Chaibva slams Tsvangirai
Posted: Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Herald Reporter
December 23, 2008
The Herald

A SENIOR opposition MDC figure has blamed MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai for the lack of progress in implementing the September 15 Global Political Agreement and the formation of an inclusive Government.

Former MDC spokesperson Mr Gabriel Chaibva said Mr Tsvangirai was getting instructions from Washington and London not to be part of any Government that included President Mugabe and that he had an "endless list of demands".

In a scathing critique of Mr Tsvangirai and his party, Mr Chaibva said: "What is glaringly obvious is the lack of strategic thinking, serious commitment and sense of civic duty on the part of Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and his party.

"In all fairness, Tsvangirai – whose list of demands is endless and is growing by the day – is stalling this inclusive Government. He behaves as if he signed the agreement under duress and without reading it.

"One can only begin to suspect that he may not have understood its contents and import given Tsvangirai's limited academic exposure."
Mr Chaibva said it was imperative to recall that the MDC-T leader thrice refused to sign the agreement because he needed to "consult and reflect" with his party and "advisors".

"When he finally agreed to append his signature on September 15, Zimbabweans were dead certain that all outstanding issues had been "reflected and consulted" upon thus a Government would soon be formed.

"It is now more than 10 weeks since and the MDC-T leader's shopping list is growing daily and Zimbabweans do not know any more what this man and his gangsters want."

He said the agreement made it clear that President Mugabe would remain Head of State and would "share executive power with the Prime Minister on a consultative basis".

"It seems that Tsvangirai hopes to become President at the negotiating table which is impossible and would be a miracle in the mould of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ!"

He slammed MDC-T's use of the adverse economic and social situation in the country as a negotiating tool.

"MDC-T is using the intensity of the suffering of our people as a bargaining chip and this is abominable.

"It is the MDCs who are not in Government and the negotiations were on how they could be integrated in an all-inclusive Government.

"It is not Zanu-PF which is being invited to join Government because they are already in it. That is the reality on the ground and, like it or not, it remains a fact."

He said it was unfortunate that Mr Tsvangirai had all the hallmarks of a puppet leader.

"Regrettably, Tsvangirai fits very well into the category of suitable Western puppets who wittingly and unwittingly promote US and British permanent interests of amassing natural resources from other countries.

"A clever leader will know that the US and Britain have never been constructive allies who care to see Africa develop.

"The problem Tsvangirai faces today is how to get out of the clutches of the West. When America gives you money they expect a huge return on their investment and it is now payback time for Tsvangirai.

"He may want to join the inclusive Government without giving into all the concessions that the West seek, but that cannot happen as long as he is tied to America and Britain.

"It is on record that the MDC-T national council resolved to join the Government, but they have not because America has said no."
Mr Chaibva said it was a tragedy that MDC-T's decision-making was conducted in Western capitals.

Mr Chaibva was suspended as MDC spokesperson after he attended President Mugabe's inauguration at State House following his landslide victory in the June presidential election run-off.

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