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Shades Of Identity Crisis
Posted: Friday, June 29, 2001

Response: Renee

(Self-Development Forum) I truly understand that there are many different levels of self- hatred being displayed by many Africans and skin bleaching is one form of self-hatred that really begins to tell a story of how massive and wide spread the Europeans value system has infiltrated the African psyche. I am sure that many may not even be aware of the levels of self-hatred that many are obviously displaying and I can only say that they may not be aware, because I was not aware of some of the "false memories" which leads to "false attitudes" which keeps descending to "false behaviours" that I was/am displaying until more conscious individuals pointed them out. That is why it is of vital importance to dialogue and share different points of view so that all may have an opportunity to learn and grow.

Are all Africans that straighten their hair trying to be white…well we must all remember that Africans have various hair textures: from kinky (kingly), to curly, to wavy hair and also straight hair. Many Africans have made a choice to wear their hair natural…does this mean that because you wear your hair natural that you are the best example of what a true African is? What about the Clarence Thomas's and the Colin Powell's of this world, they wear their hair in its natural state and they have not decided to bleach their skins, however the conditions of their minds have been "white washed" and "bleached" I dare not make a comparison on who is in the worse or better state". Africans who choose to bleach externally or those who choose to bleach internally; it is a known fact that our very minds are in a state of disrepair and in need of an immediate upgrade.

And I have not lost sight of a persons right to choose to straighten or not to straighten their hair. People should do things that makes oneself happy, however I am sure when people obtain more information about a particular subject or a particular action (skin bleaching) then hopefully people will be able to make better choices.

The struggle continues...

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