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Clarifying The Concept Of "Spirituality"
Posted: Monday, July 16, 2001

(Ras Jahaziel) As a people who have been THE WHITE MAN'S PROPERTY for so very long, we have grown accustomed to searching for "GOD" through other people's eyes. If it is not the white man's eyes, it has been the Arab's, the Chinese or the Indian's eyes. This idea that "spirituality" means soaking up the White man's, the Indian's, the Chinese or the Arab's ideas, is all part and parcel of our own degraded sense of self-hood.

When we rediscover and resurrect an appreciation for ourselves as THAT UNIQUE PEOPLE OF CREATION WHO HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH THE WOOLEN CROWN OF HAIR, we will find a greater link with the God that we have been seeking so vainly for so very long. It is only within our own image that we as a people will find our God. Never through any other people's eyes. [More]

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