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Impact of Eurocentric Thought Process
Posted: Tuesday, July 17, 2001

(Dr Kwame Nantambu) This writer argues that through their control of the global media apparatus and scholarship, Europeans have been able to portray themselves as the only creators of world history and to present themselves as the original peoples with original ideas.

In the process, the contributions and achievements of Afrikan people have been relegated to the ashheap of history. In reality then, HIS-STORY or His-Eurocentric version or interpretation of world events and history has been the prime mover in the thought process of the Eurocentric world view.

This analysis argues that since the 15th century, ethnocentrism (lack of tolerance of other cultures), etnocentrism (lack of tolerance of other races) and xenophobia (fear of other races) have conditioned, fashioned and determined the mind-set, attitude and thought process of Europeans towards Afrikan peoples. [More]

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