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Attempts to legitimize the use of the 'N' word
Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2001

(A Hotep) All attempts at legitimizing the use of the 'N' word are absurd.
The word was used to degrade Africans and reinforce white supremacy and when used by other Blacks/Africans in their idea of a friendly way, they are trying to assert their superiority to make a point.

People should examine how and when the term is used.

I also find it very disgusting to here people refer to females as Bitches and it is pitiful when females accept this disrespect all because they wish to maintain some 'ghetto' status or lack thereof or income from these males. The use of these obscene terms is still to reinforce inferior/superior status and is the same even when done among so called friends.

While my main focus is equal opportunity to enlightenment, I am quite aware that in this effort we must accept equal opportunity to remain foolish.

It is in this light I have no problem with people using these words other than to explain the evil use. I consider these people to be extremely ignorant and disrespectful and as such I would not associate with them other than to help them learn the errors of their ways.

Our problem today is not simply 'White People' but ignorance, which is an equal opportunity sickness. In our development to equal opportunity we must first align ourselves with people whom we respect who equally respects us.

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