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Neanderthals and Modern Humans - A Regional Guide
Posted: Thursday, August 2, 2001

Here you will find information on the prehistoric people of Eurasia known as Neanderthals, and on the early modern humans who succeeded them.

Who were these two groups of people? (see below). How were they related? How did they interact? Where did the first modern humans come from? And what eventually became of the Neanderthals? Final answers to these questions have yet to be found, but this web site allows you to share in the quest for knowledge about this fascinating period of prehistory.

New evidence on the last Neanderthals and first modern humans of Eurasia is constantly pouring in. This web site uses a regional perspective to report these new findings and to help clarify the pattern of human evolution during this exciting epoch. It presents concise, objective summaries of the latest archeological and fossil evidence for each region of Eurasia where these ancient peoples once lived:

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