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Asians came from Africa?
Posted: Sunday, August 12, 2001

I saw your old misinformed site about Asians coming from Africa, perhaps you did not see the special about this topic on the Discovery Channel, it has already been confirmed through genetic testing of a Homoerectus found in Asia that Asians descended from the Homoerectus. And of course it also featured that Native Indians and Caucasians both alike descended from Asians with geographical differences changing us sightly physically over a period of about 45,000 years.

The Out of Africa theory maybe true but only for the black race most likely.

EDITOR: Amon Hotep
It is not the most pleasant thing to have to admit that all manner of people including the vile and corrupt came out of Africa and are part of the same human family. Sometimes I feel it may have been nice if the flawed multi-regional theory could have been true. But as nature also intended for humans to learn from the shortcomings and successes of each other, I see purpose and design, and then all is well. Many today, in light of all this technology and information still need educating and civilizing. Take your time and read! I'll keep updating this page.

Why Skin Comes in Colors

August 28, 2000
DNA analysis tracks Silk Road forbears

Modern humans migrated out of Africa into Central Asia before spreading both east and west into North America and Europe, says an international team of scientists who have used modern DNA analysis to trace ancient migrations.

"Around 40-50,000 years ago, Central Asia was full of tropical trees, a good place for hunting and fishing," said Nadira Yuldasheva of the Institute of Immunology at the Academy of Sciences, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Dr Wells and his colleagues believe that their work also traces the expansion of the Indo-Iranian people known as the Kurgan civilisation, or more popularly Aryans.

"We have a diagnostic Indo-Iranian marker," he said, referring to one of the Y-chromosome mutations. More

August 13, 2001
Major genomic mitochondrial lineages delineate
early human expansions

After the out of Africa, modern humans first spread to Asia following two main routes. The southern one is represented by haplogroup M and related clades that are overwhelmingly present in India and eastern Asia. The northern one gave a posterior radiation that, through Central Asia, again reached North and East Asia carrying, among others, the prominent lineages A and B. Later expansions, can be detected by the presence of subclades of haplogroup U in India and Europe. There were also returns to Africa, most probably from the same two routes. The return from India could be detected by the presence of derivatives of M in Northeast Africa, and the arrival of Caucasoids by the existence of a subclade of haplogroup U that, today, is mainly confined to Northwest Africa. Full Article

The prevailing view, known as the "Out of Africa" theory, holds that modern humans evolved from a common Homo erectus ancestor in Africa. Homo sapiens then left Africa and spread across the world, displacing other hominid species such as Neanderthals.

The competing theory, called "regional continuity," contends that Homo erectus came out of Africa and modern humans evolved from Homo erectus in several different places - what are now Africa, Europe and Asia - with interbreeding between the regions. More

Other Views

Fourth Pre-Human Skull Found in Georgia (Yahoo)
Tuesday August 14, 2001
Homo ergaster falls in between the more primitive Homo habilis and Homo erectus, a robust creature with advanced stone tools that most scientists thought was the first to move out of Africa to populate Asia and Europe. Modern humans originated in Africa. From there bands of hominids migrated first to the Middle East, then throughout Europe and into Asia.

But exactly who moved away? A single population of already-evolved Homo sapiens? Or did several groups of more primitive humans migrate separately, then evolve independently into the modern variety?

Evolutionary geneticists struggle with this question, scrutinizing DNA samples from around the world for tell-tale variations. Until recently, they have relied heavily on mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Now, new studies using nuclear DNA are changing the debate.

A debate of long-standing interest in human evolution centers around whether archaic human populations (such as the Neanderthals) have contributed to the modern gene pool. A model of ancient population structure with recent mixing is introduced, and it is determined how much information (i.e., sequence data from how many unlinked nuclear loci) would be necessary to distinguish between different demographic scenarios. It is found that ~50-100 loci are necessary if plausible parameter estimates are used. There are not enough data available at the present to support either the "single origin" or the "multiregional" model of modern human evolution. However, this information should be available in a few years.

Here are some links from that program. Please try reading:

For more information, please read Latest Homo erectus of Java: Potential Contemporaneity with Homo sapiens in Southeast Asia, in the journal Science.

Canadian analysis challenges theory of human evolution

The "Nanjing Man" finding was recently published by the respected U.S. journal Science, which said the "Nanjing Man" dating was consistent and would now allow a more accurate assessment of early migration out of Africa and Asian evolution.

Evidence suggests that Homo erectus arrived in Asia from Africa almost 2 million years ago, and evolved there in isolation, possibly surviving up to less than 50,000 years ago, when modern humans moved in.

From a variety of different hominids one emerged 2 million years ago, Homo ergaster, 'working man'. These early people were carnivores and predators, and began to move out of Africa into the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

New research supports 'out of Africa' theory of human origin May 11, 2001
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