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Is It Wrong To Cut Your Beard?
Posted: Monday, August 13, 2001

( Dwayne ) Is It Wrong To Cut Your Beard?

( Akinkawon ) Once it's your beard go brave!

How people deal with hair on their body is mostly about symbolism and hygiene.

( Woizero Sera'el Tafari ) Sad to see that the only response to such an important question/issue is this flimsy answer. Gone are the days when the Rastaman was proud of his precepts, taking the vow of the Nazarite to neither use comb nor razor.

Honestly, I was looking forward to see more fundamental reasoning on this issue coming forth, particularly from brethrens. To I, frivolous matters have generated much more responses on this board.

I still hold out hope in seeing some serious reasoning on this matter from Rastaman who proudly carry their precepts.

Love and Fire
Sis. Sera'el

( Sandra ) Such an important question/issue to you, and you spent your time trying to make a federal case without explaining how it is so important to you?

I would like to hear your reasoning please.

( Woizero Sera'el Tafari ) Rastafari,

As I said before, Because this matter directly relates to the Rastaman, as he is the one who carries a beard, I was hoping to get much more feedback from him.

However, for I, one of the most important reason for a Lion carrying his precepts/beard, is to physically manifest him being a "Lion", with a mane (beard); where on earth have you seen a lion without a mane, and as I said in my previous response, the most fundamental reason is in the vow that he takes as a nazarite to neither use a comb or scissors/razor.

I Majesty

( Jenny ) Are you speaking about symbolizing a lion or magically turning into one?

We should also mention the male dominating and lazy characteristics of Lions.

( IanI ) Irie Sistren
In the Name of the Almighty Most High
Jah Rastafari

Yes Dawta Sera'el. Be patient, seen, all IanI not always pon the machine here right away to give response! :) Right.

Yes... the Vow of the Nazarite fe true. But it no be just blindly following some "rule" or "regulation", and it no be for no "symbolism", and it no be for no lion look-alike kind a thing. IanI Rastafari always look higher to see the Reality of the Covenant. And to IanI Rasta, the hair been placed pon IanI head and face by the Creator in the creation of Perfection and IanI no scrape that off, or cut at it, or put no chemical upon it to change it and such. Seen. What come Natural no one is to con-vert! The Almighty create IanI here in HIM own image and that is to be exalted and honoured!

All the other man-made "rules and codes" are just that... man-made, and IanI Rastafari live by the Laws of the Almighty, the Natural Laws. Nature a the Hand a the Almighty Creator and IanI give thanks and praises to the Almighty in humbleness and respect-fullness. The beard grow upon me face as the Will of the Creator, and Rasta honour that Will. Seen.

Give Thanks
Guidance and Protection
IanI Rastafari

( Ayinde ) IanI, when you have the time could you expand on this some more?

Are Rastafarians not supposed to cut their fingernails or toenails also?

( IanI ) Irie Irie
Give thanks Ayinde!

The I truely got me smiling here now!
Yes I... can be a puzzlement, no?
Well, I be asking the same sort of things to me own Rasta Father all the while! "Hey what!? Everything that grows from me body me just leff alone!? How can that be?"
We have some ROARING reasonings pon this! Man... me tell you fe true!
And Him say... "Watch. Sit there pon the rock an watch them goats them there. Or them bird there. Them go get nail sissor and cut them nail or them claw? Them grow sed way... no? So why them no get a sissor and cut them nails?"
So me say, "But wait... what them do then to get the nail out a them way? It can't just grow forever? Them go get too long!"
So... some things me no get the Fullness of. I have a hard time reasoning pon some of them. But I know what Iya say be true. The other living things them no have no sissor and them no have no comb and them no have no straightening iron and such... and them all alright! So what...?
Is a Natural thing me know, so how IanI deal with it? How do them before the sissor deal with it? How do them before the sharpen rock deal with it? Maybe the finger nail used a different way then IanI use it here today? Maybe it have a good use and so the Almighty put it there for that very use that IanI no seem to have here now? Maybe if IanI live a more Natural Life the nails them keep sort of close by digging and such? I know some of me locks them get long and them ends drop off...

Is a puzzlement fe true... but IanI no keep I-self in con-fusion about these things. Me just see what me can see and keep to look for the Fullness in All things.

Give thanks, Ayinde. A good reasoning!
Guidance and Protection

( Ayinde ) The real reason is not too difficult to understand but before I explain what I learnt about how the beard and dreadlocks developed to importance, I should explain what I was taught when I was searching and ended up in Trinidad by a Man somewhat like yourself.

He told me when I couldn’t unravel a mystery by observing nature, I had to revisit human history as the disruption and confusion is usually as a result of human intervention.

It took me several years to realize how much most people live disconnected from our ancestors and nature and as such we remain unable to understanding the workings of the SELF through the limited self in man. I had to be born anew into a way of viewing everything. (He does not say God like many people, but he speaks of the self. The Lower part of the self in all things in relation to the Inner Higher SELF of the Universe.) I observe people on several Websites and discussion groups explaining things this way today and immediately I know where they got it.

Lets see if other Rastafarians expand on this discussion if not I don't mind explaining what I discovered about dreadlocks and beards. Do you know they are connected to the wigs Judges wear?

I saw you smiling for the first time.
I see.

( IanI ) Yes I. A Wise One, the man from Trinidad. I allways find great interest and some revelation in the study of human history. At least what me can find that has been recorded, and scrutinize through the bias and partiality! And the mind MUST heighten and unfetter from the brainwashment of ages.

And I also find great enjoyment in true reasoning with me bredren an sistren! Not simply repetetive dogmatic rhetoric.

Give thanks, Ayinde.

Tell I a bit about the judges wig. Me no know that story. But me know them judges!

feel free to e-mail, Ayinde, if you wish.

Guidance and Protection

From: Rastafari Speaks Message Board

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