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RASTAFARIAN - Christianity has Jamaica asleep
Posted: Sunday, August 19, 2001

( Jamaica Gleaner ) THE FAMOUS socialist statement on religion has become one of the most enduring thorns in the side of the believer. However, there is another not quite so famous position on the topic, to the effect that religion is perhaps the only motive force in the world - but you have to reach someone through their religion, not yours.

Fortunately or unfortunately Christianity is also the dominant religion in Jamaica and hence the discussion will concentrate mainly on it.

Any belief system which is accepted and promoted by the ruling class will eventually be the proverbial 'opiate of the people', having them in a stupor of expectation of hardship - and actually welcoming it as some 'test'. It will eventually be used to entrench the position of the elite, and this is no less the case in Jamaica.

Christianity is not merely an opiate of the people in Jamaica. It is more of an anaesthetic, having the nation in an unthinking, unfeeling, helpless state to which it has agreed, hoping that when it opens its eyes again the surgeon will have done a miracle.

Instead, we are finding that the person with the scalpel is really an organ thief and when Jamaica awakens something vital like a kidney will be gone. Or we will not awaken, because the heart has been taken away.

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