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Strategy to defeat the apartheid of gender in Africa
Posted: Friday, August 24, 2001

In the book The Power of the Pride, by South African Ian Thomas, you learn that lionesses do most of the hunting, that they are fast and powerful, pro-active for their family's survival, and that they understand that if they have no food they will not eat and will ultimately starve.

The lionesses, of course, in addition to providing the food for their pride, also give birth to and raise their cubs. They train those cubs to be productive members of their pride.

So too with the women of Africa. In sub-Saharan Africa, women food farmers produce 80% of Africa's food, do 90% of the work to process Africa's food, do 80% of the work to transport and store Africa's food, do 60% of the work to market Africa's food, and provide 90% of the water, wood and fuel. You are about to be introduced to a program run by the Hunger Project of New York that awards great respect to this incredible performance.

We expect you will leave this article and your study of the Hunger Project with a sense that the more responsibility assigned to the women of Africa, the faster Africa will develop and the faster all Africa's people will have the chance to achieve their rightful destinies.

Much of this article was taken from one written by Hamilton Vokhiwa for the African Church Information Service, August 13, 2001. Inserts of additional and amplifying information were made by Your dot com for Africa. August 20, 2001
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