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Who And What Is Satan And Evil

From brothah Ptah:

"In the Bible the evil one is spoken of Satan, otherwise known as the Devil. His origin and everything that centers around him, his attributes, can be traced back to the older source in the theology of the Metu Neter of the Africans of Kemet (Egypt). In the name of Set, also rendered Sat and Sut, the deity who personifies evil, we get the origin of the biblical Satan. From Set, it grew into Set-an, and ultimately Satan. The word an is actually the name of one of the ancient cities of Lower (northern) Kemet, which was ruled by Set, and known as On in the Bible and Heliopolis to the Greeks, meaning the city of the Sun, or the abodes of the sun gods Amen-Ra and Osiris, who are both referred to as "An of a million years..." in the Kemetic records.

From Eve, comes the term evil, further corrupted into D-evil, hence the fall of man blamed on the woman. In the Hindu pantheon we have the goddess Devi, in which one of her attributes was death, from whence we get devi-ation, devi-ant, devi-ous, devi-lment, all signifying mischief, misconduct or to turn away from the righteous path. A Deva is Hindu for a deity, but is commonly applied nowadays to a radiant, elegant, classy and stylist woman of high character. The word Deva is also the prefix of the term deva-station, which is the aftermath of destruction.

Destruction, deviation, darkness, corruption, deceit, death, treachery, and lying, are all applied to Set in the Kemetic Theology. As the god of darkness, Set ruled during the six months from September to February, coinciding with the seasons of fall (which why we fall back one hour) and winter (when crops aren't able to grow or are killed of). The nights are longer than the days. And it is during this period of time that the sun, represented by Ausar (Osiris to the Greeks), is said to be enveloped or ensnared by the darkness of Set; whence we get "sun set," the time of the day referred to as the Eve-ning hours, which is when the sun begins to "go down," descending below the horizon into the realm of darkness.

Like the other deities of Kemet, Set was also associated with, or had certain, animals and reptiles as representative symbols. They are the oryx, which is a species of animal of the antelope family, and has long horns, hence the Devil being depicted with horns; the black pig, the unclean swine, hence the biblical scripture "thou shalt not eat of the swine;" the scorpion, one of the 12 signs of the zodiac, and which bites and has a deadly sting from its tail. Scorpio is associated with October, one of the six months of Set's dominion over Ausar. It was in the month of October that Set is said to have betrayed and murdered Ausar, hacking his body into 14 pieces; hence the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, whose name means the backbiter of the deadly sting of the scorpion.

Another reptile that was associated with Set was the serpent, hence the cunning snake that induced Eve to get Adam to eat of the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge. The serpent is also mentioned in the Bible under another form as the Leviathan of the deep; hence the Movie Leviathan about a beast that attacks an underwater drilling station.

Job ch. 41 describes it as having a tongue, a nose, jaws, skin, a head, a neck, flesh, and a heart; "He who maketh the deep boil like a pot..." This is none other than Set depicted as the crocodile known as Apep or Apophis of the deep and who, in the judgement scene, waits to devour those that are damned to hell. This is the bear in the theology of the Natives of Amerikkka; hence the movie Prophecy, about a beast-like bear, stalking a new born baby. In the Chinese theology, this is the dragon, the term of which, is also used in the scriptures to refer to the Leviathan.

In the 27th ch. of Isaiah, the Dragon has a number of heads. The 74th ch. of Psalms also mentions the Leviathan as having a number of heads, whom the "Lord" (an Anglo-SAxon term used in the British Isles to refer to men of wealth or distinction, such as Lord Edmund de Rothschild) shall punish with the sword. The 12th ch. of Revelation (revel in elation) speaks of the Dragon as having 7 heads, and having been in the famous battle in Heaven (safe haven) against God and the archangels led by Michael; the latter being victorious and casting the Devil and his followers out of Heaven.

The seven-headed beast and the battle itself derive from none other than when Set and the Stellar Theology (the oldest Kemetic Theology and the origin of all religions) was replaced by the later Lunar (the moon) and Solar (the sun) Theologies. It was formed from the astronomical observations of the first Seven Stars, known as the Great Bear, Ursa Major and Big Dipper. It is when the Stellar Theology was dethroned that Set, originally a benevalent god, became the personifaction of evil. So, it is said that Set led the Seven Stars, branded a rebellious group, known as the Mesekhti (the Fighters), the Mesu Betesh (the Children of Rebellion) and the Tesheru (the Red Devils, hence the color red associated with the depictions of the Devil) in a pitched battle against the sun god Amen-Ra. The archangel Micha-el is none other than the Kemetic Har-Makhu, the disposer of, or victor over, Set and his followers. The Kemetic Har or Ar is the equivalent of El, meaning God or diety."

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