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Posted: Thursday, November 27, 2003


On behalf of Bro. Ldr. Mbandaka and the ALKEBU-LAN REVIVALIST MOVEMENT.


Gone are the days when Afrikans will tolerate the persecution of our truth tellers, or the paternalism of those who have a vested interest in the perpetual oppression and exploitation of our people. The massive international outrage of Afrikan people, sparked by the dis-invitation of Baba Tony Martin, from the Mayor of London's 'First Voice' conference - 25th October 2003 - is a case in point.

Leading Pan-Afrikan organisations in Britain have responded by inviting Baba Tony Martin to address the Afrikan community - live in London - on Sunday 30th November and Monday 1st December. The Afrikan United Action Front (AUAF - a Pan-Afrikan coalition), Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement, New Black Panther Party and Afrikan-Caribbean Leadership Council pooled their resources in organising and promoting an action packed weekend involving radio appearances, a press conference and a reception dinner in honour of our master teacher - Baba Tony Martin.

The organisers have the firm, active and or moral support of the Black United Front Parliament, Nation of Islam, Ethiopian World Federation, Global Afrikan Congress, Pan-Afrikan Youth Organisation, Ethiopian Afrikan Black International Congress/Bobo Shanti, Hackney Black People's Association, Galaxy Radio and Power Jam - Nubian Forum. The event has also been sponsored by the following community businesses: Yemanja - A Window To Afrika, Cyber Kitchen Internet Café, Yum Yum Restaurant and Takeaway, Hylton Estates Consultancy Services, Meroe Jewellery, Audio Visual Media Services, Maarifa Books, Cummin' Up Caribbean Caterers & Take Away, Kwazen Books and Nubian Minds. Other sponsors wish to remain anonymous, whilst individuals have volunteered contributions to ensure the success of the events.

The overwhelming, widespread response is not only an act of defiance but self-determination - emphasising that we are our own masters and that we have taken back the power of life and death we once gave others over us. It also explodes the myth propagated by the 1990 Trust that supporters of Tony Martin were "a small number". In fact, we are confident that the Afrikan community will turn out in a tremendous force to affirm our love and appreciation of Baba Tony Martin, as well as to send a clear message to the powers that be.

Predictably, the Jewish lobby has been quick into action, bellowing threats and demands down our telephone. The "London Jewish News", on seeing our promotional leaflet, wanted confirmation as to whether the events were 'actually' going ahead. When we did not reply, at 11:24 am on Wed 12th November, they issued us a deadline for "12:00 noon or 1:00pm" - by when they would expect a response.

This smacked of intimidation and harassment which should come as no surprise to any of us who is aware of the Jewish onslaught against Baba Tony Martin, Nana Kwaku Duah, (Dr. Leonard Jeffries), Minister Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton (even Jesse Jackson and Cornel West), etc. it was as though they presumed to give us a chance to repent of our sins before they pronounced our eternal damnation.

This exposes disingenuous attempts to underplay the dominant role of the Jewish lobby in instigating the infamous dis-invitation and highlights the sheer gallantry of Bro. Lee in taking the 'flak'. Furthermore, although Bro. Lee and co. denied that Baba Martin was being accused of anti-Semitism, the Jewish Chronicle of 17th October 2003, boasted on its front page: "Livingstone ban anti-Jewish historian from conference.

Is a woman anti-male, because she reports her rapist? Of course not! Why then are Afrikans "anti-Semitic" for reporting the facts about Jewish involvement in the Maafa (Afrikan enslavement and oppression). In context, Jewish hostility towards Baba Martin or any outspoken Afrikan is no less sinister than a psychopathic racist who stalks, defames, incarcerates or eliminates his victims to prevent them from exposing him.

Paradoxically, the conference was entitled "First Voice" -- a seemingly apt title for a conference concerning the history of the 'first people'. Yet the voice of the foremost scholar on the legacy of our most outstanding historical figure - Marcus Garvey - was silenced.

Such contradictions reflect the very insidious nature of the Maafa. Afrikans enslaved: whipped, raped, maimed, murdered, massacred, worked from sun up to sun down without pay - all in the name of God, humanity and civilisation. Afrikans bound and shackled in ships named Integrity, Brotherhood, Humanity, Mission of Mercy and of course; "The Good Ship Jesus" - captained by the Rev. Sir John Hawkins. Afrikan women called wench, bitch, belly warmer, etc. yet made to breast-feed little white babies.

Thus, in the name of all things good and pious, was the total dehumanisation of Afrikan people institutionalised, denying us, inter alia, the right to speak the unspeakable, to stand tall with our heads up, our backs straight, and the look "the man" in the eye -- called reckless eyeballing. Violators of such codes were called "uppity niggers" and had their tongues and eyes gorged out, or their back mutilated by the enslavers whip or torch. In more recent times, they have been murdered, incarcerated, vilified, deported or banned - Omowale Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Hampton, Mumia Abu Jamal, Kwame Ture, Louis Farrakhan, Tony Martin, etc., etc., etc.

But, "How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look?" The voice of the Afrikan community says: "No longer!" We will stand firm, with our heads high and our backs straight. We will look "the man" straight in the eye and defend the right of our teachers to teach, our leaders to lead and our people to know and speak our truth and 'yet' stay alive.

We are our own liberators! We have the power to transform oppression into opportunity and this malady into a miracle. The miracle of Afrikan people coming together in the true spirit of Umoja - unity; Kujichagulia -- self-determination; Ujima - collective work and responsibility; Ujamaa -- co-operative economics; Nia -- purpose; Kuumba - creativity; Imani -- faith; toward fulfilling our Pan-Afrikan object - the total liberation and unification of Afrika and all African people, under a just Afrikan World system.

Come one! Come all! The drums of Afrika call!

Lee Jasper Now Wants To Share A Platform With Professor Tony Martin

A month after banning the internationally renowned scholar - Professor Tony Martin - the world's leading authority on the life and work of Marcus Mosiah Garvey - from the First Voice Conference on 25 October 2003, on the basis that Professor Martin had "shared platforms" with those holding "anti-Semitic" views, it now appears that Lee Jasper wishes to share the same platform with Professor Martin.

The remarkable about turn - which coincided with the announcement by
leading UK based Pan Africanists of Professor Martin's impending lecture tour visit to London - was revealed in an announcement made on a radio programme hosted by Henry Bonsu and broadcast by BBC Radio London on Sunday 23 November 2003.

In what has been viewed by some as an attempt to divert the community's attention from Professor Martin's lecture tour, it was announced that Mr Bonsu's backers were attempting to organise a studio "debate" between Professor Martin and Jasper, who at the time of the announcement was already participating in the broadcast by telephone. Bonsu, who had previously made no reference to the widespread storm of controversy sparked by the ban on Professor Martin in his weekly broadcasts (see:, suggested to Jasper that he might like to debate the issues surrounding the ban with Professor Martin. Jasper, whose lengthy CV boasts memberships of many organisations virtually unknown to the community, including The Black Jewish Forum, responded by saying that arrangements for any such debate should be made "through his office".

Already some in the community have expressed fears that any such broadcast studio "debate" will take the form of some sort of attempted high tech lynching of Professor Martin at the hands of carefully selected and organised lobbyists from outside the African community with the many thousands of Africans who were outraged by the ban imposed on Professor Martin being excluded from participation in the phone-in. A number of people have already drawn attention to the fact that Jasper has refused a number of requests to publicly debate the reasons for Professor Martin's ban on London community radio station, Galaxy Radio.

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