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The real scandal in Zimbabwe is white control
Posted: Sunday, August 21, 2005

By Ayinde

Re: A New Muldergate Scandal in Africa this in Zimbabwe
by Scott Morgan: Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Most of the attacks and defensive moves being played out about Zimbabwe are as a result of Land. Some land was reclaimed from whites and returned to Blacks and a few whites got killed. Most whites, in and out of Zimbabwe, together with immature pro-white Blacks (who felt that they were having upward social mobility under white domination), are opposed to the challenges to white hegemony.

European and American powers know that the idea of reclaiming the land from whites and returning it to Blacks is very popular among the poor Blacks in Africa. Just as they have done with Haiti, they would not allow Zimbabwe or any other Black nation to challenge their dominance and succeed; they would not allow Zimbabwe to reclaim the land and prosper and become an inspiration to other nations. Like they did with President Aristide of Haiti, they are bent on 'regime change' in Zimbabwe. Like Haiti, they will align themselves with any and all manners of people to accomplish this task.

A lot of European and American funds are going into the anti-Mugabe campaigns and the opposition in Zimbabwe is a recipient of these funds.

One would have to be against President Mugabe for reclaiming lands from Whites and returning them to Blacks to not see how worthless Morgan's article is. One would have to be of the view that these Black peasant farmers in Zimbabwe are backward for not following the Western-oriented 'sound business practices'. One would have to hold the view that the peasants who do not operate with these Western-oriented 'sound business practices' should not have a voice. And one would have to be of the view that the Zimbabwe government should not be supported in regards to reclaiming the land from whites. It would seem, therefore, that the holders of these views believe that the thief is entitled to remain with the loot while the victims suffer.

Now bar all the propaganda.

The majority of newspapers and websites that cover Zimbabwe are white-owned and anti-Mugabe. They do not publish arguments in favour of Black Africans wanting to reclaim land. Their extreme criticisms and attempts to demonize President Mugabe started after whites were forced from the land that they occupied and a few of them got killed. Given the overwhelming anti-Mugabe media out there, it is silly to fault the Zimbabwe government for trying to get its side of the story out.

Here is a comment about those allegations from Nathaniel Manheru:

"Trevor's 'Independent' newspaper generated a story last week that claimed the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) had a substantial stake in the Financial Gazette, the Daily Mirror and the Sunday Mirror.

"This was said to be a covert operation to muzzle the voice of the 'private media' so we were led to believe, until the story lost direction when it also claimed that the CIO was also going after the Zanu-PF weekly mouthpiece, the Voice.

"It does make perfect sense to Trevor. Well, for argument's sake, supposing that were true (and it isn't), what is more sinister than George Soros buying into the Independent Newspapers Group and the Third Way? And why even go that far when the Rhodesians are very actively working with Trevor.

"What is the issue here? This is a clear effort to try and cripple these newspapers which are seen as an impediment to the establishment of the so-called Third Force or the Third Way. Icho!"

We already know that the majority of the media, both in and out of Zimbabwe, is hostile to the Zimbabwe Government and President Mugabe. Their racist, white stories are dominant in the mainstream press.

If the allegations in Morgan's article about the Zimbabwe government investing in media are true, then the writer is also trying to conceal the fact that the majority of the media is white-owned and opposed to the Zimbabwe government. The article is attempting to fault the Zimbabwe government for trying to ensure that their side of the story gets out. It is in the best interest of those who support the Land Reclamation Exercise and President Mugabe for the Zimbabwe government, to invest in media to ensure that their views get out. White interest groups made the same accusations about President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela (Uneasy Standoff in Venezuela's Media Wars). Like Venezuela, the majority of the mainstream media reporting about Zimbabwe is owned by whites who are against returning the lands that they occupy to Black Africans.

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