Sovereignty bigger than individual leaders
Posted: Wednesday, December 31, 2003

By Caesar Zvayi, www.herald.co.zw

UNCLE SAM'S forces captured Saddam Hussein on December 13, and the Texas gunslinger, that son of a bush, was beside himself with thirst for blood.

He immediately pronounced the death sentence on Saddam, inspite of the fact that Saddam's "crimes" are yet to be documented, whilst his crimes have been televised for all to see by his very own embedded journalists!

Bush has broken international law by launching pre-emptive strikes on two nations whose populations are 50 percent children. He has also violated the 1949 Geneva Convention on the protection of civilians during hostilities and treatment of prisoners of war (POWs). Most importantly he has trashed the United Nations and launched unprecedented genocide using banned weapons particularly cluster bombs which are still maiming innocent Iraqi children today. If anyone deserves the hangman's noose, it is George Bush himself.

Unfortunately, no one dares bell the cat.

Like the Texas villager he is, he thought he had at last found justification for his war and a major boost for his first election, as he bears the unenviable tag of being the first un-elected US president.

Political opponents, however, quickly brought him down to earth by reminding him that Saddam's capture was not the reason for going to war, moreso no weapons of mass destruction (WMD) have been found, and the war is proving costly in financial and human terms as the US has spent a staggering US$177 billion on the war to date, whilst back home the economy is on the decline.

Meanwhile, more bodies continue hitting US shores as more than 200 soldiers have been killed since Bush declared the end of the war on May 1.

Saddam's blood thus, cannot wash the egg off Bush's face.

US administrator Paul Bremer waxed lyrical that Saddam's capture spelled the end of the "terror" attacks on US troops.


So it is only terror if it is US troops or citizens at the wrong end of the gun?

Anyway, we all know of their double standards. Ironically, before the cameras stopped rolling at the Press conference, Bremer choked on his words as more US troops were gunned down across Iraq.

Bush and Blair celebrated on July 22 2003 when hundreds of troops, dozens of aircraft and vehicles cut down, in cold blood, Saddam's sons Uday and Qusay, including Qusay's 14-year-old son Mustapha. Suffice to say the Hussein brothers were only armed with AK47 rifles.

When asked why they had not simply captured them, top US military Commander Ricardo Sanchez sanguinely bragged that, "Our mission is to find, kill or capture." (Note the order of the priorities)

With this bloodthirstiness, they thought they had dealt a coup de grace to the Iraq resistance, but the attacks actually intensified, as they are still intensifying after Saddam's capture.

The whole world saw how the so-called watchdogs of human rights subjected Saddam to cattle inspection in camera, ostensibly to warn all other defiant leaders not to cross Bush's path.

How na´ve?

As one analyst put it, "US troops 'defeated' Saddam Hussein, but not the Iraqi people." Iraqis continue to eliminate the infidels whose death toll is reported to be much higher than the official figures of one US soldier a day, as an average of 17 attacks are directed at US troops daily.

The US and its media would want the world to believe that all these attacks, which are mostly suicidal, manage to claim just one soldier a day!

Anyway we know that the first casualty of any war is the truth.

Uncle Sam is in deep trouble but like a typical bully he will not tip his hand since no one will brook bullying once it is known that the owl has no horns but just tufts of feathers!

Apart from showing the world that the Anglo-Saxons are strangers to the truth, human rights, democracy, international law among other values, the Iraq war has clearly shown that defence of sovereignty cannot be condensed to one individual or a country's leadership, but is national in nature.

Saddam and his Baath party had just won a new mandate from the Iraqi people before Bush decided he knew better who should govern Iraq.

This is indicative of the sickening prejudice of the Westerners who regard all other races as child races who do not know what is good for them as such they have to be dictated to.

This chauvinism led the West and their local proxies to believe that they have the right to decide who should rule our country inspite of the resounding affirmation the electorate gave Zanu-PF and President Mugabe in the June 2000 legislative and March 2002 Presidential elections, and subsequent by-elections.

Indeed the Defence and Security Chief's Joint Statement on January 9 2002 spoke for the people where they said:

"We will not accept, let alone salute, anyone with a different agenda that threatens the very existence of our sovereignty, our country and our people . . . we wish to make it very clear to all Zimbabwean citizens that the security organisations will only stand in support of those political leaders that will pursue Zimbabwean values, traditions and beliefs for which thousands of lives were lost in pursuit of Zimbabwe's hard won independence."

Even though no names were mentioned in the statement, those who wished to advance alien interests immediately cried foul, and cried even harder when the people rejected them at the polls. The tears even dug potholes on some of their faces!

The West and their mongrels believe that if they do away with President Mugabe, they have won the Zimbabwean war.

What myopia?

They need only look at what is happening in Iraq for insight, or better still what happened during our Second Chimurenga war when the nationalist leadership was jailed for decades but the war was not abandoned.

As one analyst put it after Tsvangirai's treason tapes were aired, "If they assassinate Mugabe, there will be 13 999 999 Zimbabweans willing to carry the revolution to its logical conclusion." Give or take a few sellouts.

Inspite of their spirited demonisation of the President, he continues to enjoy massive domestic and international support. This has baffled the detractors who then began pinning their hopes on his health; once again they were in for a big disappointment as the man is as vivacious as ever.

The president continues to prevail over the country's enemies because he is smarter than all of them put together, more so he is fighting on the side of justice, thus no matter how mighty or formidable the enemy might seem, good always prevails over evil since the days of David and Goliath.

It took us 90 years to gain political independence, economic independence may not take that long but it will take some time, and it won't come on a silver platter.

The imperialists survive on our resources and they won't give up without a fight, but as long as we make the necessary sacrifices and rally behind our leaders we will prevail.

We did it before; we can do it again.

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