US Fomenting War in Somalia
Posted: Friday, December 29, 2006

CIA with Ethiopia vs Somalia

...The New York Times in it's daily stream of propaganda confirms the support of the US junta's CIA for this new war against Somalia, another inhuman atrocity by the US managers using the usual and stupid and worn out pretext of their own* al Qaeda: "American intelligence officials theorize that the Islamists, who wrested control of Mogadishu in June from a coalition of warlords supported by the Central Intelligence Agency, have ties to a Qaeda cell based in East Africa that is responsible for the bombings of the American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998."
Full Article : melbourne.indymedia.org

Blundering Into Somalia Yet Again

Ethiopia's invasion of Somalia under cover of the Christmas holiday was a blatant aggression that is likely to widen the arc of conflict across the dangerously turbulent Horn of Africa. It also marks the opening of a new front in Washington’s war against Islamic militants and reformers.
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US Fomenting War in Somalia

The US-backed, UN-recognized government of Somalia is now limited to the inland town of Baidoa. Mogadishu, the capital, fell to Islamic militias, which now make up the de facto government, in June.
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The Other War in Ethiopia

The world is watching Ethiopia's war with the totalitarian Islamist regime in Somalia. The world should also start paying attention to the campaign of genocide which the Ethiopian government has been waging against its own people, in southwestern Ethiopia, in the state of Gambella.
Full Article : tcsdaily.com

Ethiopia's War with Somali Islamists a gimmick

Ethiopia's War with Somali Islamists: a gimmick to divert attention from Ethiopia's internal political tension and human rights abuses.
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Reflections on the Anuak Genocide

Dec 13, 2006 -- Early in this century, at a university in the U.S, a professor asked all students to introduce themselves to the class. Among students, there were an Anuak seated in one of the first few rows and a Highlander Ethiopian seated in the last row. When introduction reached the Anuak, he introduced himself as an Ethiopian and Ethiopian Highlander introduced herself as an Ethiopian. Instead of letting other students behind her introduce themselves, she added that the Anuak was from Gambella and she was from Ethiopia despite the fact Gambella is a part of Ethiopia in international map.

In disputing the Anuak citizenship status as not Ethiopian, she repeated the usually claims Anuak people and other Gambellans face when travel in other parts of Ethiopia. When Gambella people traveled in other parts of Ethiopia, many ruling Highlander Ethiopian elite label Gambellans as others, foreigners and potentially obstacle to the economic development and this perception played a largest role in the December 13, 2003 massacre against Anuak people.
Full Article : sudantribune.com

Ethiopia's Genocide of the Anuak Tribe Broadens After December 13 Massacre

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia -- A genocide in western Ethiopia that began last December with a massacre of some 400 Anuak tribe members has broadened into widespread attacks by Ethiopian military troops against more than a dozen Anuak villages in the western Ethiopian province of Gambella, according to Anuak refugees and humanitarian aid groups.
Full Article : genocidewatch.org

State Terror Against Indigenous Peoples in Ethiopia

Another Secret War for Oil?

Published first April 6, 2004
By Keith Harmon Snow

The East African nation of Ethiopia is the latest U.S. terror war ally to turn its guns on indigenous peoples in a zone coveted by corporate interests for its natural resources. Four months after armed forces of the ruling Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Defense Front (EPRDF) and settlers from the Ethiopian highlands initiated a campaign of massacres, repression, and mass rape deliberately targeting the Anuak minority of Ethiopia's southwest, atrocities and killings continue—and the situation remains in whiteout by the Western media.

Based on field investigations conducted in January 2004, two U.S.-based organizations— Genocide Watch and Survivor's Rights International—jointly released a report on February 22, providing substantial evidence that EPRDF soldiers and "Highlander" militias in southwestern Ethiopia targeted Anuak civilians. The Highlanders are not of either the agriculturalist Anuak or cattle-herding Nuer, the two indigenous peoples of the region, but are predominantly Tigray and Amhara people resettled into Anuak territory since 1974.

The current conflict was sparked by the killing of eight UN and Ethiopian government officials whose van was ambushed on December 13, 2003, in the Gambella district of southwestern Ethiopia. While there is no evidence attesting to the ethnicity of the unidentified assailants, the incident provided the pretext for the ongoing pogrom against the Anuak.
Full Article : zmagsite.zmag.org

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