Tsvangirai's Accident with UK and US Aid
Posted: Monday, March 9, 2009

By Ayinde
March 09, 2009

The first Western news reports about the vehicular collision in Zimbabwe that claimed the life of Susan Tsvangirai and injured her husband, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, left many speculating that the accident could have been orchestrated by President Mugabe.

The Herald, the Zimbabwe state media, was the first to publish that the vehicle which collided with Tsvangirai's Toyota Landcruiser belonged to USAID -- an American 'charity' that operates in Zimbabwe. According to the Herald, the registration number of the vehicle is "one of those allocated to the American Embassy technical support staff vehicles."

In a subsequent report in the Guardian UK we learnt that the driver of the truck was employed using money from a British development agency.

With this information in the public domain, it became extremely difficult to pin the blame on Robert Mugabe and as of today, there are media reports from the UK's Foreign Office spokeswoman stating the smash-up was an accident.

"We can confirm that the truck was operated by a project jointly funded by the United States and United Kingdom," a Foreign Office spokeswoman said. "All indications are that this was a genuine accident." --news.morningstar.com

Why are they so quickly calling this a genuine accident?

There were many commentators who speculated that this accident was the work of Mugabe's henchmen to get rid of his rival, Tsvangirai. Why was it not possible that the US and or UK bothched an 'accident' in an attempt get rid of Tsvangirai for forming a unity government with Robert Mugabe? Why was it not possible that an individual or group aligned with the White settlers tried to kill Tsvangirai in order to derail the 'unity government'? We know that many were against him for eventually agreeing to be part of the 'unity' government.

I expect that the government of Zimbabwe would thoroughly investigate this accident; they should call on governments from the southern African states to assist or independently investigate the crash.

Yes, it could be an accident, but we should be suspicious amidst reports of US and UK 'charity' involvement and especially so because of the British haste to call this a genuine accident.

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