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Africa should unite to eliminate imperialism
Posted: Tuesday, January 28, 2003

This is the last part of Chinondidyachii Mararike's article which focuses on how the imperialist West is fighting an economic and propaganda war against the innocent people of Zimbabwe, their Government, their President and their ruling party.

The same courage, determination and unity of purpose that won us Phase 1 will win us Phases II and III, because President Mugabe’s revolution is a Zanu-PF revolution.

A Zanu-PF revolution is a Zimbabwe-led revolution for the total liberation of Southern Africa and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

Zimbabwe should export this revolution to its neighbours, where the remnants of the racist white farmers went to settle.

Once successfully exported, the revolution’s momen- tum will deny the beleaguered imperialists any room to manoeuvre, and will force them to either retreat or engage us on our terms - ostensibly because the resources they are stealing from our neighbours will not be available to them.

And with our hero, President Mugabe (the one who brought down ‘whites’) continually assaulting imperialism and vowing to fight on, Africans will not turn the other cheek in compromise.

Africa has the highest number of imperialist victims divested from their land. They dwell in deplorable shanties and refugee camps, and remain insulated from their history and decent existence.

The imperialist, bereft of any ounce of conscience, inflicts untold suffering to their victims. It is these victims that Tony Blair and George W. Bush think they can root out with Nepad. It is these that in the so-called Third World the West thinks it can root out with IMF and World Bank structural schemes.

For the imperialist victims, the effects are disastrous. This is what Europe desires - to have Africans overlook the fact that it is they, the Europeans, that are plundering the continent’s abundant natural and human resources. Consequently the new post-colonial state in Africa is contenting with rampant capitalism and relentless exploitation.

"In the Southern African context in particular," writes the Sunday Mirror’s Scrutator, "the socio-political and economic dynamics attendant to the liberatory and transformative process" continue to be "threatened by the combined forces of globalisation" and an increasingly Western-induced hostile environment in which reactionary MDC-style opposition parties "are forging closer ties with former colonisers and agents of globalisation".

Zimbabwe’s task is, therefore clear: to export the revolution to countries in Africa whose current institutional arrangements and societal perceptions are still based on or stem from imperial structures dominated by foreign private sector interests and therefore, perpetuating inequitable entitlements and access to African resources.

When Zimbabwe’s liberationist volcano explodes, its lava will scorch and smoother the resisting settlers on the continent. Mugabe’s Revolution has to move forward and through phases - Phase II makes Africans the primary beneficiaries of Africa’s abundant mineral and other natural resources. Phase III sees the complete Africanisation of our commercial and industrial sectors.

In tandem with both phases should be the development of Afro-centric epistemologies, representations, discourses, and narratives in which the central tenets of African culture and religion as in Mwari-via-Vadzimu neMasvikiro, languages, architecture, dressing, food, music, jokes and general way of life, occupy the middle ground of the values that inform our activities.

Sure we can not afford to throw a protective blanket over this revolution, for to do so would be to throw away what we have achieved for Zimbabwe and Africa and in the process squander this most rare opportunity when we can successfully export this revolution to others whose land remains in the talons of imperialists.

The fact that Mugabe’s Revolution is already spread- ing fast into Namibia and South Africa, and has found resonance throughout the world makes our task less cheerless indeed.

That, indeed, is why we hear all these people chanting: Pamberi neZanu-PF, Swapo neANC! - (Pamberi!)

Chinondidyachii Mararike is a Zimbabwean lawyer, writer, political analyst, and secretary-general of Davira Mhere.

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